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  • Basenotes Events Coverage: Roja Dove - a Profile

    by Danielle Cooper, 11 May 2009 Articles

    Basenotes will be celebrating its exclusive Roja Dove masterclass with a series of editorial pieces about the man himself and the eclectic Haute Parfumerie that he has created in Harrods, one of London's most famous department stores.    

    In our first piece we find out how Roja became involved in fragrance and take a look at a career that has seen him quoted in so many leading magazines and newspapers, allowed him to become the resident fragrance expert for British Airways Highlife magazine and to undertake the training of staff in some of the UK's biggest fragrance retailers.  Often cited as a knowledgeable and flamboyant story-teller and passionate orator of his subject, Basenotes discovers the source of that passion and the background of that knowledge....

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  • A guide to the New York Fragrance r-Evolution

    by Ali Nakhai, 18 March 2009 Articles

    Ahhh the smell of New York city... hot dogs and knish's from vendors on the street, a dash of burnt rubber from the cabby that almost hit you, all topped with vapor brimming out of manholes. Mmmm... Guerlain and Creed can only dream of something so sublime. Maybe not, but New York has a softer side for sure, despite the all too familiar moniker of urban grit that's been stamped on the city. The people of New York have been swept in a fragrant revolution (or maybe leave out the 'r' and just call it an evolution)....

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  • Scent Treks through Time ~ Mathilde Laurent, Thierry Wasser, Harry Fremont and Serge Lutens

    by Marian Bendeth, 12 December 2008 Interviews

    This is the final part of interviews from Marian Bendeth's Scent Treks Through Time series, where we find out where perfumers would go if they could travel back in time, to meet, chat and co-create with a perfumer of the past. Our last willing time-travellers are: Mathilde Laurent (Cartier Parfums), Thierry Wasser (Guerlain), Harry Fremont (Firmenich) and Serge Lutens. ...

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  • Filling the Gilded Shoes of Guerlain - an interview with new in-house perfumer, Thierry Wasser

    by Marian Bendeth, 11 August 2008 Interviews

    It must feel a bit daunting when you receive an honourable request to be heir apparent to one of the most celebrated French Perfume and Cosmetics Houses in the world!  Especially when you are not a blood relative of the perfumed peerage Guerlain family.

    Marian Bendeth interviews Guerlain's new in-house perfumer, Thierry Wasser, and finds out how he feels about his new role; his relationship with Jean-Paul Guerlain and the future of the Paris-based house.


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  • Guerlain's new man creates new 'Man'

    by Thomas Stone, 09 August 2008 Industry News

    Guerlain will be releasing a new masculine fragrance in Autumn to coincide with the fragrance house’s 180th birthday. The new fragrance has been created by Guerlain's new in-house notes, Thierry Wasser....

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  • Scent Treks through Time ~ Camile Goutal / Antoine Maisondieu / Ineke Ruhland

    by Marian Bendeth, 09 June 2008 Interviews

    The second set of interviews from Marian Bendeth's Scent Treks Through Time series, where we find out where perfumers would go if they could travel back in time, to meet, chat and co-create with a perfumer of the past. This week our time-travellers are Camille Goutal (Annick Goutal Parfums), Antoine Maisondeau (Givaudan) and Ineke Ruhland (Ineke San Francisco)....

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  • Wasser joins Guerlain as in-house perfumer

    by Grant Osborne, 15 May 2008 Industry News

    Firmenich perfumer, Thierry Wasser, will be joining Guerlain as in-house perfumer from June 2008. This will be the first time a non-family member will be the permanent nose of the French house....

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  • New eBook: The Perfume-Lover's Guide to Paris

    by Grant Osborne, 09 May 2007 Industry News

    Christine Pierce, a fragrance blogger, has just published a fragrance shopping guide to Paris. The eBook is available as a downloadable pdf file....

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  • Guerlain and Chanel the big winners in the 7th Annual Basenotes Awards

    by Grant Osborne, 20 February 2007 Industry News

    Fragrance consumers from all over the world took part in deciding the winners for the 7th Annual Basenotes Fragrance Awards, Sponsored by Aedes de Venustas...

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  • Cedriceccentric at the House of Guerlain

    by Cedriceccentric, 23 August 2005 Articles

    Guerlain have recently opened their new flagship boutique on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, where you have the chance to sniff Guerlain fragrances, old and new. Basenotes regular, Cedric, takes a look...

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  • Guerlain's Mouchoir de Monsieur

    by Doctor Basenotes, 01 February 2003 Columnists

    You can ask our resident fragrance doctor anything! This month, he seeks a man's handkercheif...

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