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Has celebrity perfume had its heyday?

by Marloes Hagenaars, 14th July, 2016

Marloes takes a look at the celebrity fragrance market and whether it has a future.

Under the sea

by Marloes Hagenaars, 24th June, 2016

Anyone who knows me would probably admit that I have a slightly abnormal addiction for fragrances that smell unique and eccentric. Which usually means that my friends stay away from my wrists and often roll their eyes at me whenever I get my nose on a new perfume. I wanted to take my perfume experience to the next level and try something completely out of the box. Was it a step too far?

Clara Molloy of Memo Paris on the artistic originality of tuberose

by Carla Seipp, 20th June, 2016

The secluded town of Marfa, with its scorching temperatures and dry landscape, would probably be the last place one would associate with a luscious white floral fragrance. However, for Memo Paris this creative contrast turned out to be the perfect inspiration

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Scenting Off-beat Dads for Father's Day

by Marian Bendeth, 16th June, 2016

With Father's Day coming up this Sunday, Marian Bendeth picks fragrances for fathers of all types

Interview with Pauline Rochas and Carole Beaupré of Coolife on the Launch of Le Quatrieme Parfum

by Haniya Rae, 14th June, 2016

Haniya Rae speaks with founders of Coolife, Pauline Rochas and Carole Beaupré.

An Overview of the 3rd Annual Institute for Art and Olfaction Awards

by Deadidol, 11th May, 2016

Deadidol presents a report from the Third Annual Institute for Art and Olfaction Awards, including details of the winners.

All eyes on niche

by Marloes Hagenaars, 09th May, 2016

It’s safe to say that the niche perfume industry had blossomed, if not boomed, over the last couple of years. However, the big players are also trying to tap into this lucrative part of the business. What happens if everyone rushes into the niche market?

Discovering Mom for Mother's Day

by Marian Bendeth, 05th May, 2016

Mother's Day is fast approaching in North America and I can hear the ca-ching of cash registers everywhere with the purchases of predictable fragrance box sets, duos and beautifully-wrapped scents that she has been wearing since her school Prom or when she met "Dad". Yes, it's a sure bet she will love it, probably the only fragrance she gets year after year right? but who is exactly is your Mom or the next best thing to being a Mom-figure in your life?

Super Scent: The Best of Chanel

by Grant Osborne, 25th April, 2016

We have once again teamed up with Candy Perfume Boy and Persolaise for Super Scent. A semi-regular series where we each run down the best fragrances from a particular brand. Where my colleagues will judge based on their own opinion, Basenotes' Top Scents are based on the opinions of Basenotes users. This time we are looking at the …

Basenotes Reader Awards 2016 Finalists

by Grant Osborne, 11th April, 2016

We reveal the finalists you voted for in the 2016 Basenotes Reader Awards

Bittersweet: an interview with Ralf Schwieger on the gourmand

by Eddie Bulliqi, 29th March, 2016

Eddie Bulliqi speaks with Mane perfumer, Ralf Schwieger on the rise and rise of sweetness in perfumery

A vibrant vulva experience

by Marloes Hagenaars, 24th March, 2016

Would you be interested in wearing the vaginal scent of a desirable woman? Guido Lenssen, founder and developer of VULVA Original, certainly was when he launched the scent in 2005.