Winners: Basenotes Reader Awards 2012

23rd March, 2012

Basenotes hijacked Olfactory Event's Evening of Leather to announce the winners of the Basenotes Reader Awards 2012 in a pop-up awards ceremony. The winners were voted for by the Basenotes readers, who paid tribute to Mona di Orio by voting her "Perfumer of the Year", and "House of the year". Attendees had the chance to sniff the winners, and runners up. The winners are as follows:


Winners of the 2012 Basenotes Reader Awards.

Best New Fragrance for Women




  • Bottega Veneta [Coty]





Best New Fragrance for Men





  • Royal Oud : Creed





Best Fragrance Flanker 2011





  • A*Men Pure Havane : Thierry Mugler [Groupe Clarins]




Best Fragrance Packaging 2011




  • Freak : Illamasqua




Best New Celebrity Fragrance





  • Jennifer Aniston





Best Marketing Campaign 2011




  • Print advertisement for Violet Blonde : Tom Ford [Lauder]





Best Perfumery





  • Les Senteurs [London]





Best Online Perfumery




  • Luckyscent





Perfumer of the Year 2011





  • Mono di Orio





House of the year 2011





  • Mona di Orio





Classic (Women's)





  • Opium : Yves Saint Laurent





Classic (Men's)




  • Terre d'Hermes : Hermes




You can see a full list of the finalists here.

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About the author: Grant Osborne

Grant Osborne is the founder and editor of Basenotes. Grant has two children, and a dependence on tea, haribo and bacon.


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    • petruccijc | 23rd March 2012 11:57

      Best New Fragrance for Men: Royal Oud - Creed

      Ridiculous, but believable - since Berringer White Zinfandel is quite popular also.

    • Perfume Profiler | 23rd March 2012 13:07

      Congratulations All! I'm loving Jennifer Aniston's perfume, surprisingly! x

    • Wee Scottish Scent Lover | 23rd March 2012 14:16

      Bottega Veneta is one of the cheapest smelling scents ever IMO. And it has no staying power. I just don't get this.

    • hednic | 23rd March 2012 15:20

      Interesting to see what has been chosen.

    • Mimi Gardenia | 23rd March 2012 16:37

      So happy to see Mona di Orio win 2 categories - well deserved.

    • RHM | 23rd March 2012 17:24

      MONA!!!!!! YES!!!!!:2vrolijk_08:

    • deletedmember | 23rd March 2012 17:35

      Luckyscent?!!!!! Their destinations are so restricted!!!! :angry:

    • KarmaLee | 23rd March 2012 17:43

      I am so pleased to be part of a community that takes scent seriuosly enough to give out awards! Thanks for taking the time to do this and grats to all of us for having this resource! :vrolijk_26:

    • Pour_Monsieur | 23rd March 2012 18:54

      A fitting tribute to Mona

      But Royal Oud , really ..... give me a break :shocked:

    • Wee Scottish Scent Lover | 26th March 2012 14:22

      Right. Now I'm curious (but NOT Twitney Spears). I have to read reviews of Jennifer Aniston's perfume.

    • Primrose | 27th March 2012 01:10

      Thank you for posting, Grant. Nice to see an opinion poll.

    • Diamondflame | 27th March 2012 08:22

      A liitle too late for Mona, unfortunately. But thank you for organizing this.

    • the_good_life | 27th March 2012 09:27

      Royal Oud? How shall I say, it's a fitting commentary on the general state of commerical perfumery. I wonder if Bottega is any better, despite being a Coty fragrance.

    • rum | 27th March 2012 11:29

      Wow, six years on and Terre d' Hermes is still winning awards. A credit to master perfumer J-C Ellena. Very well deserved!

    • xXClockwork | 27th March 2012 18:34

      I have some Royal Oud on the way. I'm pretty excited to try it.