Olfactive training from Mouillettes & Co.

30th March, 2012

Set back from the hurly-burly of the stalls at the Esxense Fair, in a separate room Mouillettes & Co is to be found, an Italian company that specialises in olfactive training for professionals and interested members of the public.

The company was founded eight years ago by Maria Grazia Fornasier, who had previously spent her whole career in the fragrance industry on the raw materials side. “We give people technical words to describe scent, then they begin to use their own. This is something that we encourage. First of all you smell, and everyone smells the same thing – it’s like seeing, we can all agree that something is yellow, it is something that can be judged by everyone and it is objective.

“The next thing that happens is perception – this is what is subjective – what does a smell mean to you? What does the colour yellow mean to you? You have to interpret with your own culture and your own life.”

The Olfactive kits used by the company come from the French company called Cinquieme Sens, based in Paris. (They also also the Cinquieme Sens method for teaching people how to smell, which they have adapted to their own needs). Kits contain either 24 or 48 materials in an alcohol solution.

Available are a Children’s kit, complete with instructions, which contain the average things a child might encounter in their day: toasted bread (extremely true to the smell), strawberries, the sea and so on.

Also on offer was a Beginner’s Kit, an Italian wine kit – all come in a very handy, light, compact box which opens out. Cinquieme Sens also sells the individual bottles from a very wide selection of smells so that you can make up a customised kit to suit your own needs, this includes perfume raw materials. Branded versions can also be made up for companies to use as promotional tools.

The approximate cost is 170 Euros for 48 Essences

90 Euros for the mini set of 24 Euros

Customised boxes are 210 Euros for 48 Essences, 90 Euros for 24 essences.

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About the author: Lila Das Gupta

Lila Das Gupta is a London based journalist with an interest in all things olfactory. Lila also organises the Perfume Lover's London meet-up group.

Website: http://www.meetup.com/Perfume-Lovers-London/


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