Summer and Sport Flankers Round Up

24th July, 2012

If you've been in the UK over the past few weeks, you'd know how little of a summer we've had so far - it is absolutely Ambers and Incense weather! Luckily, the summer flankers are here to help us will away the gloomy clouds, and imagine being on a beach in some tropical clime. This summer is also the year of the Olympics, which has resulted in a massive outpouring of Sport themed flankers, with brands from Dolce & Gabbana to Thierry Mugler getting in on the action.

Calvin Klein have always been a major player in the summer flanker market, fielding at least 3 per year as far back as I can remember.

CK One summer is this year housed in an entertaining bright green 'cracked' effect bottle: the scent itself is bright, and citrus, as you'd expect from CK, with a hint of a bath sponge and a metallic-aquatic vibe. Notes include blue mint, cucumber, lime, bergamot, green apple, rosemary, lotus, fresh water accord, sandalwood, driftwood, rum and sea moss.

Eternity Summer for Women feels very much related to the original Eternity, except brought down to a more tolerable volume and tinted a shade of sunset yellow. This is my pick of the summer flankers, this year. Featuring notes of Japanese pear martini, orange blossom, bergamot, white peony, blue hyacinth, gardenia, tonka bean, heliotrope and white musk.

Eternity Summer for Men, features a stonking sweaty citrus note at the beginning (curiously missing from the notes listing), and a bitter but fluffy woody-green drydown. Notes include melon, juniper berries, chamomile, cedar leaf, hyacinth, mimosa, violet leaf, patchouli, amber, musk and guaiac wood.

Stella McCartney has again released a summer take on her original fragrance, Stella Summer Rose: a rose of absolute clarity seasoned with salt and pepper! Bright and enjoyable, and worth a shot for anyone who enjoys rose fragrances. Featuring notes of lemon, green apple, rose, peony, and amber.

Thierry Mugler have introduced Aqua Chic versions of Alien and Angel - sheering up and providing an aquatic aspect to their iconic fragrances.

Alien Aqua Chic is a fruitier, somewhat piquant take on Alien, with a slightly more 'liquid' feeling than genuinely aquatic. Very nice indeed. I can't go another year without mentioning the bottle - it's stunning again! Containing notes of ginger water, lemon verbena, freesia, wood and amber.

Angel Aqua Chic (pictured) provides a slightly aquatic haze to a rather powerful patchouli note, with toned down chocolate / caramel notes and a more floral feeling. Thoroughly enjoyable for all fans of Angel! Featuring notes of lemon, pink pepper, corn flower

water, patchouli and vanilla.

Joop! returns with Joop! Homme Summer Ticket, featuring a sheered down take on the tobacco and amber of the original Joop! Homme, feeling much more transparent, with a fleetingly fruity top and a powdery warmth. Notes include bergamot, grapefruit, apple, orange blossom, jasmine, heliotrope, vanilla, tonka bean, vetiver and amber.

Jean Paul Gaultier has launched summer editions of the ever popular Classique and Le Male - this year the bottles are decorated with tropical and jungle scenes.

Classique Summer is an incredibly sunny and bright neroli scent, full of powdery white florals, but not as saccharine as the original Classique, making it much more appropriate for summer wear. Features notes of clementine, rose, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, Sambac jasmine, lily of the valley, white iris, amber, vanilla and fresh musk.

Le Male Summer is just as loud as Le Male, with a bright opening of grapefruit over the lavender-mint combo of the original. The amber-y warmth here is cut ever so slightly by the green heart. Contains notes of lavender, mint, cardamom, green leaves, green grass, vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

Sport Flankers

2012 is the year of the inevitable sports flanker: mainly caused by the imminent arrival of the Olympics in London, which, like many Londoners, I am dreading. Here's hoping that people are at the very least wearing the sports flankers when they are crammed onto the tube, because that's an olfactory experience I won't be looking forward to if nobody is fragranced. The Central Line on the underground smells of hot dust, sweat, and barnyard-y oud at the best of times.

Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Shot

Fronted by Oscar Pistorius, who will be competing in both the Olympics and the Paralympics, Pure Shot is based around 3 separate accords: Boost, Adrenaline and Strength. With a surprisingly fresh minty opening, it is the perfect A*Men for people that are scared of A*Men in that it is much lighter on the coffee and chocolate, with the tar all but removed. Featuring notes of mint, juniper berries, cardamom, white pepper, sequoia and patchouli.

Dior Homme Sport

A 2012 relaunch of the fragrance, which has changed from its previous incarnation through the introduction of an Iris note - although that ties it in rather more effectively with the existing Dior Homme fragrances. It is now slightly less fiery in the opening due to the taming of the ginger, but is still a great sports fragrance. Notes include ginger, Sicilian citron, Tuscan iris, and Virginian cedar wood.

Giorgio Armani Code Sport Athlete

An expansion on the previous Code Sport, Athlete is said to contain three types of mint. However, I feel that the mint gives the icy cold feeling instead of the odour - which is mostly a citrus-woody cologne type. Containing notes of mint, Mediterranean citruses, pink pepper, ginger, icy accords, ambrox, incense and vetiver.

Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport

The third installment in Dolce & Gabbana's The One series, Sport is intensely bright with herbal-spicy freshness against an aquatic opening, with a vaguely fuzzy wood note. With aquatic notes, rosemary, cardamom, sequoia wood, patchouli and musk.

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Sport

Boss took twelve years to flanker their Boss Bottled fragrance, introducing Night in 2010. But they wasted no time in knocking up the Sport version, which has an incredibly loud lemon and grapefruit opening with a musky-woods drydown. Featuring notes of aromatic aldehydes, pink grapefruit, lavender, cardamom and vetiver.

Givenchy Play Sport

Fronted again by Justin Timberlake, the well known sporting star (?!). A hint of Mojito makes for a promising start. A very transparent version of the original Play fragrance, without the plastic note. Notes include pepper, bergamot, ginger, mint, amyris wood, lemon leaf and musk.

Whilst I am not typically drawn to citrus, "fresh" or sports scents (as a fan of skank and oud, among other things) I would encourage you to go and sniff these out yourselves: my personal favourites are the Thierry Mugler flankers, and the Eternity for Women summer edition.

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About the author: Nick Gilbert

Nick has been working in the world of fragrance for over 15 years. He is co-founder of Olfiction, a creative scent agency offering fragrance development, training, copy and content production. He is frequently quoted in the press and has provided perfumery training globally, from London to Seoul.


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    • Lobster2010 | 25th July 2012 12:37

      Nice overview of this year's Summer flankers and sport editions.

    • andym72 | 30th July 2012 20:39

      Hi Nick, this was always a tricky subject to take on, you were never going to have the space to cover them all (or the time to test them all), since the Sports Flankers have just exploded this year (15 at last count).

      My favourite of the 8 or so I have tried is Kenzo Homme Sport. Fruity fresh, and quite natural smelling, unlike a lot of the others which can have a metallic feel.

    • Gblue (article author) | 31st July 2012 16:03

      Hi Andy, I hadn't got to try the Kenzo Sport by the time I'd submitted the article but I agree with you - it's probably my fav too!