Our Love Dance with Scents

15th April, 2009

Seeking and living out the titillation of romance and love relationships is as human as breathing. This choreography of the heart is the sustenance of human attraction and with each partner we choose, and where the ego searches to have it's needs met and bolstered, the love dance is ever evolving.

Ironically, this pursuit of physical bonding also pertains to the way we live out our memories and views on fragrance selection. The parallels in our behaviour towards each other uncannily emulates scent choices and the results may appear eerily familiar.

Picture a scenario where a passing whiff of an enigmatic fragrance can feel like catching a stranger's ardent gaze. The feeling is fleeting and can go into two very different directions: satisfying or uncomfortable depending on our initial reaction. These casual (cheap and fast) fragrance relationships may not even involve any money exchanging hands, rather a few sprays from a tester or a dab from a free sample can usually suffice for a quickie at the counter.

Others like to “speed date” with scents by collecting samples which will be tested for a few hours. First impressions are key and if the chemistry doesn't have any real “chemistry”, it's over before it even started.

Half-serious lovers prefer a casual romp with a new scent, nothing too clingy mind, just a bit of fun when things get a bit boring like a great invitation out to something wild and exciting. Not unlike a dependable back-up partner, one can always call on them when life gets stale. These “old reliable” fragrances will always come through in a pinch. Once touted as “hot” “wicked” and “crazy” are now comfortable stand-bys that quietly sit on the neck like a sturdy bench in the park.

Sometimes our past calls to make us smile and revisiting an old flame can rekindle the old scent embers which can either result with the conclusion that we either still have great taste or conversely, “What on Earth was I thinking”??

Some scents take us on an emotional roller-coaster in the beginning. Thunderbolts are bouncing off the walls; we are high with their enthusiasm, enraptured by their charm and then they disappear within an hour like a great first date who slips out the back door.

We can be teased by their brilliance, become obsessed by their immediate flirtations and within a minute or two, the other shoe drops. We are devastated when we face the ultimate rejection when they don't even try to stay on our skin and we sob “but why don't you love me? I love you!!”

On the opposite side of the scented coin, others are downright cursed by the longevity of a putrid scent that stalks our personal space at every turn. Even a bar of soap can't stop their aggressive advances.

For the Niche lover, this relationship is enticing and mysterious because when one can eventually afford that hard-to-get little fragrance “bling” it may also lead to a full-out addiction and the possibility of bank account amputation followed with some serious fragrance rehab.

Fragrance swingers prefer to purchase and include multiple scents in a buying frenzy. Strangers and friends offer their approval of a hot new name and besides, anyone who has any modicum of fragrance knowledge in hot trends in any major city worth it's atomizer head, will immediately compliment them on their amazing extensive repertoire.

New Age types enjoy the liberating mix and match of old and new, hot and not because loving everything makes you a spiritual, open and loving human being. Love the scent you're with…for the moment of course.

Some prefer the “day after” fragrance…would they seriously want to wake up with this new scent? Will their pillow smell great? or should they have left hours ago?

Tried and true types may seek a bit of a commitment with their new scents. They look for a friendly and loyal subject who will never let them down, especially when the temperatures are soaring and unpleasant odours permeate from without and within. It's always nice to know that scent confidence can be sprayed in the best and worst of times and places.

There are lovers who seek an “engagement” with their scents and don't particularly enjoy smelling it on their friends or anyone else!. Considering this purchase and eventual investment of time, money and testing procedures took some convincing, researching and contemplating!. It can be unnerving to think that someone else could possess and wear their new fragrance . In other words, “Heh, you're mine now, GO GET YOUR OWN!”.

Some admire the older (vintage), wiser and more sophisticated scents from the past that obviously connote great breeding and discernment. The masses are welcome to the latest and greatest! They can take their place on the other side of the tracks.

The commitment to stay with a signature scent can last for years and sometimes a lifetime. Not unlike a dear friend, lover and predictable but sweet partner, it would be unthinkable to cheat on them! You are a team! You don't know where you start and they fade? The very thought of spraying another fragrance would be sacrilege! Others don't mind a little on the side experimentation, but when the affair has exhausted itself, they eventually return to their first true loves.

And not unlike a parting (discontinued) of your dearest friend, how can one just quietly mourn when their favourite scent is retired like a heart-felt relationship that had no meaning?? No, it is the time to fight for that love, fight for their dependable staying power and memories that it has brought over the years. This cannot be the end of something so divine! These wearers will go to websites of discontinued fragrances and eBay, seeking, searching, calling out to others who are missing their loved ones too and in unison, and with perfumed prayers that they will be reunited again in scented bliss, never to be parted again! They try to purchase as many bottles as their credit card allows because the pain is too excruciating to bear….

Insouciant types can walk away without a second glance muttering “Hah, you can be replaced, there are many more scents in the sea”.

Without the passion of these other “lovers” in our lives, our scent-less world would be a very dull place indeed, and in the words of William “Sillage” Shakespeare “It is better to have sprayed and lost, than never to have sprayed at all”.

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About the author: Marian Bendeth

Marian Bendeth is a Global Fragrance Expert based out of Toronto, Canada. Marian has won six fragrance industry editorial awards for her writing. You can find out more on her website marianbendeth.com

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