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Fragrance Brief by hmedlock


01st January, 2000

A fragrance for men that I have been longing to smell would be a light, clean, sexy, masculine and animalistic musky floral that would be similar to Calum Best's cologne and would have similar light floral and watery accords like Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme, Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio, Zino Davidoff's Cool Water and Ermenegildo's Z Zegna without citrus notes nor a strong, spicy overpowering smell like most fragrances for men. This fragrance would have pheromones and be water based like Nautica Oceans, but would still have the almost day long longevity of Calum Best's cologne that you can still smell a faintly pleasant hint of after doing your laundry.

This would definitely not be a teen-aged fragrance nor would it necessarily be a choice fragrance for an elderly male, although it would smell youthful, classic and timeless. Possible notes of choice for this fragrance would be: marine, passion fruit, casoar blueberry, sweet & fresh floral accord (irises, lilies, carnations, lavender, heliotrope, hibiscus/cotton flower, jasmine and geranium,) seductive green herbs (rosemary,coriander, thyme, sage, cardamom and romantic peppers,) a dry down of patchouli, vetiver, wood and moss blends (sandalwood, cashmere wood, oak moss,) and a musky flirtatious blend of vanilla, ambergris, pheromones and musks.

This scent would almost be reminiscent of a male version of Marcy Playground's "Sex and Candy," and Madonna's "Candy Perfume Girl" without being sickeningly sweet. If you could capture the essence of sex and flowers in a bottle, that would perfectly describe this fragrance. It's top notes would start out watery, fragrant, and coyly flirtatious. Then the heart of the fragrance would be a light, sweet, clean and expensively milled soapy smell that would dry down to a sexy, sensual and seductive floral musk that is downright irresistible like a nectar of the gods. The transitions between the top, heart and base notes would also be smooth and faint, almost as if each one is blending into the other.

This "perfect fragrance" would also be internationally and universally appealing. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and ironically, Calum Best's father was a world-renowned soccer player. After falling in love with Calum's cologne and imagining how I would perfect it, I imagined this commercial for a cologne ad:

Calum Best is well dressed in well fitted designer pants, opened button down shirt, and blazer with a necklace that dangles on his chest, expensive watch and bracelet, and a beautiful ring on his hand. He is standing in front of a mirrored dresser (with men's toiletries and cologne) in his bedroom, which looks like the ultimate man's bedroom (blacks, blues, greens, greys, brown, leather) and is staring at a picture (face on picture cannot be seen) in one hand with a bouquet of flowers and a ring in the other. He looks away from the picture and glances at himself in the mirror recalling his day and fantasy in brief scenes (almost like "The Portrait of Dorian Gray" at the height of his youth and beauty.) It cuts to him playing soccer (black & white jerseys vs. red & white jerseys.) Then the scene switches to him in the shower lathering up and using what looks like an expensive bottle of shower gel to quickly get dressed. That scene cuts to him being sharply dressed as he was in the beginning with a charmingly seductive smile holding the bouquet of flowers and ring as the door opens. From this scene you see him welcomed into an unseen person's arms with the ring on their finger and the two of them passionately kissing and touching (as his lover appears to be spellbound by the smell of his skin) and the bouquet of flowers falling and transitioning to the flowers and lovers falling into a beautiful soaker claw foot tub with his lover in his arms and head on his chest with his eyes closed and Calum reclining in blissful satisfaction. The tub is filled with water and flowers/petals from the bouquet. The flowers and petals are colored in deep shades of purple, blue, dark reds, pink and white. He dreamily glances at the two of them in the mirror across from the flower and water filled tub. The scene finally cuts back to the beginning with him looking into the mirror, putting down the picture, grabbing "the cologne" on the dresser to spray on his body and walking away with the bouquet of flowers, ring and a confidently seductive smile to reenact what he had just fantasized with his lover. The commercial is symbolic of the ultimate male being comfortable with his sexuality and what he wants. The lover's face is not seen and is shown as little as possible with the thought that his lover could be any person, and no one can resist a man with an irresistible scent.

Both the packaging for the cologne and the bottle itself would be simple, natural and elegant with very little dye for easy use and to show class and concern for the environment. All of the pictorial ads for the cologne would be the lovers in the claw foot tub of water and flowers. Calum would have his lover laying her head on his chest with a full facial view of him, eyes closed with a look of ultimate satisfaction.

The main character does not necessarily have to be Calum Best. However, he happened to be the person that I imagined in the cologne commercial since it is very well known that he has a certain charm and irresistible sex appeal with most women. The spokesman could just as easily be Ben Cohen, David Shillington or Nick Youngquest. This perfect cologne would be the epitome of attraction, sex appeal and the emotions that come with feeling like the ultimate desirable male. This is the cologne that women would rush to buy their husbands/boyfriends/lovers and would even buy just to smell the cologne itself. This fragrance would also be a man's "must have" cologne.

Submitted by hmedlock

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    • blisskc | 14th January 2010 06:04

      The notes you describe sound absolutely delicious! It would be a welcome reprieve from the onslaught of heavy colognes that all run together and leave me with a slight grimace on my face as I pass by the fragrance counter...I admit that I don't know who several of the men you mentioned are, but based on that description of both the cologne & the ad, I'm sold!

    • zr1 | 14th January 2010 18:27

      sounds fantastic!:thumbsup:

    • sdilbeck | 14th January 2010 18:45

      Sounds awesome - where can I get a sample?

    • matticus201 | 14th January 2010 20:30

      Sounds fantastic! I think I'd buy pretty much anything Calum Best advertised though... lol. But this fragrance sounds heavenly.

    • joelh | 14th January 2010 21:24

      Sounds great. Hope to see it soon.

    • broberts | 14th January 2010 21:32

      "Magnificent, absolutely wonderful, stunning, gracious, delicious. Your description leaves one hungry for more, to desire more of your product.:thumbup:

    • bnfsmith | 14th January 2010 21:39

      sounds lovely...very well thought out and i know my hubby would smell fabulous!!! he is not much on cologne but i think he would definitely be interested in wearing this.....i will definitely buy it!

    • jwbartels | 15th January 2010 16:42

      WOW and OMG! That sounds absolutely amazing! Sign me up for a bottle! :-)

    • Photonlyte | 15th January 2010 17:04

      Ok so where would I buy this and how much because i want a bottle. I don't EVER wear cologne anymore because I'm sick of all the same old smells, nothing new has come out and all of the "new stuff" smells like the old stuff that was taken off the market some years back and now remarketed. I don't know if its I just can't smell the difference or what but this sounds like it'd be FANTASTIC.

    • kristyu | 15th January 2010 19:04

      Sounds absolutely delightful! It would be refreshing to have something new and fresh and not the same old repeats that have been tweeked to remarket them. Let me know when this hits the markets because I will be buying!

    • SuperGirl23 | 15th January 2010 19:05

      Wow...this sounds really impressive. Well researched and thought out. It would definitely be something I would be interested in purchasing for one of the men in my life. Where can I get a bottle?

    • cometdude | 15th January 2010 19:06

      WOW.........I'm imagining a classic fragrance and not too sweet. You have thought about every aspect of who would wear this fragrance and because of that it would be a BIG HIT!!!! I definitely want to try a bottle of this Calum Best-inspired cologne!!!! BRAVO!!!!

    • hmedlock | 15th January 2010 20:20

      Wow. Thank you all for the positive feedback. Most of what inspired me was fond memories of my past. Correctly done floral fragrances are excellent choices for both women and men. It is harder to find better ones for men that have the right balance of musks and woods without relying on citrus, leather or metallic notes. Plum, pomegranate, fig, honeysuckle, mallow and labdanum are also great notes in fragrances that are seldom used, but are becoming more prominent. There are so many intelligent, experienced and talented individuals working on this project. I have every confidence that three amazing fragrances will be in the works. Many of the briefs are brilliant and fascinating. It sounds like everyone is wanting something that is out-of-the-box, mystical, innovative and will be a timeless classic.

      I think I am having a harder time imagining a bottle design. I can definitely see something that is cylindrical, has frosted & etched glass and iridescent metal banding and possibly some type of sophisticated branding label similar to those on bottles of chartreuse. Small jewels in the glass or metal may also be an interesting option. The box that contains this fragrance could be simple and look like some type of gift/present. It is good to see that so many others would like to experience this fragrance as well, especially if it is hypoallergenic, environmentally friendlier and has a consistently good dry down and sillage.

    • beth W | 16th January 2010 02:39

      This sounds amazing! I love the description of the type of man who wears this! Where do I find a man like that?

    • Justcourtney | 16th January 2010 20:39

      I think this is awesome ! I wouldn't go with the earthy tones (coriander, ugh) but I definitely think that there is a market for men's cologne like you are talking about. I believe that there should be more mens colognes with the floral undertone that are not marketed towards teens. I really am leaning towards the flirtatious scents and I like that.

      I know that this may sound a bit crazy but I enjoy nothing more than the scent of April Fresh downy and when I smell it on a man it's even better. I think you are heading this way...kind of a smell like a freshly bathed man...That is what I am picturing anyway.

      I would like to throw you an idea for the bottle too. Most men's colognes are in a rectangular shaped bottle. I was thinking more round. As in the Nina Ricci perfume bottle like an apple. It is seductive and reminds us all about sin and I think that is a great thought.

      Bravo on your choices!

    • TonyaRae | 17th January 2010 15:49

      I can smell this already! When can I get some??

    • txgirl26 | 18th January 2010 00:03

      I'm thinking the bottle should be a round bottle with the a cool silver ring on the bottom to keep it from falling over... with the lid being an old school tri shower knob... the combinations of the fragrances sound amazing and i would love to smell something new and refreshing on a guy...;)

    • hmedlock | 18th January 2010 07:10

      I like that idea. I was thinking of some kind of silver keepsake as well and a one-of-a-kind bottle. There are so many great designers out there that specialize in fragrance bottles. After this week, the name "Invictus" stands out to me. Aside from it being the title of a recent movie, it has always been one of my mother's favorite short poems. She taught it to me as a young child, and I think that it has a strong and important message that everyone should share:

      "Invictus" - by William Ernest Henley

      Out of the night that covers me,

      Black as the pit from pole to pole,

      I thank whatever gods may be

      For my unconquerable soul.

      In the fell clutch of circumstance

      I have not winced nor cried aloud.

      Under the bludgeonings of chance

      My head is bloody, but unbowed.

      Beyond this place of wrath and tears

      Looms but the Horror of the shade,

      And yet the menace of the years

      Finds and shall find me unafraid.

      It matters not how strait the gate,

      How charged with punishments the scroll,

      I am the master of my fate:

      I am the captain of my soul.

      I think it could even go well being read with the promo ad as he is looking at himself and recalling his day and fantasy. It just seems right.

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 19th January 2010 04:04

      Hi, hmedlock. :smiley: I understand your desire to keep things positive - I'm very much that way myself. Basenotes is a positive place, and everybody wants it to stay that way. So I'm not going to talk about any sensitive stuff. I did want to say that I read your brief thoroughly, and liked your idea of "flowers and sex in a bottle". I'm actually starting to get that now (see below). I personally like both Acqua di Gio and L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme, which you mentioned early in your brief, so I was with you that far, but I don't know if I would change anything with those, so I wasn't really following. But I thought it interesting that you were going in a floral direction, and now maybe I'm starting to understand.

      I think I've found the key to what your brief is doing. You actually joined this place in summer of 2008, around the time you got a hold of this very hard-to-get cologne, Calum. That's not an unheard of story around here. People often find Basenotes that way. I joined just a little before you did, looking for fragrance reviews of an obscure scent. What's surprising to me is how Calum got 3/3 positive reviews here, and generally positive reviews on some sales sites. Althought it appears to have not done well in the market (see here, for example), it clearly made an impression on you and two other reviewers, and it has me very curious now. I'm not prejudiced against celebrity fragrances - for example, I'm a big fan of McGraw Southern Blend, which is Tim McGraw's second scent, and I respect 50-cent's new fragrance as one of the better celebrity fragrances on counters right now. One reviewer compared Calum to Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men, which is a very respectable scent (positive review from Sybarite, no less) which came out around the same time. So I'm very curious - would you say that Calum is, at the moment, still your favorite? Did you get ideas on how to improve it? And most of all, I'm curious how you even heard about it to begin with. This is apparently a hard thing to find, and very few people (myself included) seem to know anything about it. But if it smells like something from the hand of Alberto Morillas? Maybe this really inspired you. Please feel free to tell us about how this influenced you, because I think it's key to understanding where your brief is going.

      PS - Sorry if we weren't welcoming enough. I think you may have simply violated an internet taboo that not everybody knows about (having friends post without identifying the relationship). Why don't we start over? Let's see if you and I can have a friendly and positive discussion. :)

    • hmedlock | 19th January 2010 05:19

      Thank You Redneck Perfumisto,

      I did not comment on your brief or anyone else's because I did not want your briefs to experience the backlash that mine has recently. I have had a chance to read everyone's briefs, and I do think and feel like each one is individually unique and can see where each fragrance is going. Thank you so much for critiquing my brief and not making an attack on me or the commenters. I was beginning to become afraid of the direction this whole project and site was beginning to take. It shows great heart on your part to steer it back in a good direction. I wish you the best of luck as well. Chosen or not for this project, I think you have written a well done brief for a great fragrance.

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 19th January 2010 05:53

      Thanks, hmedlock. I appreciate your kind words, and wish you the best of luck as well. I've been impressed by all the briefs, but I'm even more impressed by how passionate people have been in talking about the things they love, and what they envision in their fragrances. To me, that's the most important thing, and I think you understand that too. That's why I'm seeking to understand all the briefs as best as I can, and clearly you're doing the same.

      Please forgive any misunderstandings. This happens rather often when a person first starts actually posting here. It's very hard for people to begin to understand each other by words alone. It takes a while before we can read each other correctly. If I can put in a good word for all of my fellow Basenoters, please don't think that anybody meant to say hurtful things. I think that we may have all simply been misreading the situation. I think that all sides - myself included - were seeing insensitivity where the exact opposite was the case. But now we know better, so let's move on.

      Please feel free to comment on any of the briefs. I think that would be wonderful. We really need to find all the positive qualities and bring them out for the perfumers and Dani and Grant to see, so that they can pick the one that will work best. I also think that the more we understand all the fragrances proposed, the more we'll all be able to contribute in supporting the ones that are chosen to represent us. Again, best wishes, and if I haven't said it before - Welcome to Basenotes - on behalf of all of us! :)

    • hmedlock | 21st January 2010 03:03

      Thank you again Redneck Perfumisto for welcoming me to the community, your advice and the kind words. I welcome any critiques that you have about my brief, as I am excited about it's potential. There are many stand-out fragrances that were submitted, including yours. Besides Calum, by Calum Best, I never really liked nor even tried floral fragrances before. I like the youthfulness of the fragrances that I describe earlier and realized that it was the floral notes that I liked best in those colognes. The only problem is that so many fragrances have become flooded with citrus that it is hard to stand apart in a positive way from those colognes and perfumes. I think that is why so many have failed to impress recently. It also doesn't help that most people like me love citrus food and stores now carry almost all kinds of citrus-scented products: household cleaners, laundry detergent, air fresheners and etc. I scent that I use to like has been on overkill. After reading many of the briefs, a good number of them sounds like they will usher in a newer generation of colognes- some with vintage appeal.

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 21st January 2010 04:24

      I hear what you're saying about citrus fragrances. Citrus is nice and unisex and almost everybody likes it, so it is really hard to do something in that space that either breaks new ground or stands out. I happen to be wearing Creed's Neroli Sauvage today - not sure if neroli itself is considered real citrus or not, but it's close enough for me. I love that one. It seems like there are an easy dozen excellent scents in every minor citrus category that are arguably at the top, with dozens more following closely behind. It is a crowded field, even before you consider all the things outside of normal fine fragrance. Not surprising that there weren't many (or even any) suggestions for a pure citrus scent.

      I am glad to see many more interesting things popping up here - as you note, many of them with explicit vintage appeal. Since there is a substantial core constituency here at Basenotes for such fragrances, I think that a neo-classic with vintage sensibilities should almost be a done deal for one of the three fragrances. We have several briefs that would lend themselves to such a fragrance. There are also at least two explicitly floral colognes with unisex appeal - yours and Ruggles'. His is designed as a shared scent, and though yours is a masculine, you specified that it should be attractive to women, which may make it lean toward unisex as well (florals being generally well-perceived by women anyway, at least under modern marketing). There may be some more, but those are the only two that come to mind. I think there are only three explicit aquatics - at least that's all I recall. There is a masculine floral leather - I'm intrigued by that, too. I don't know - it's hard to keep track with 56 scents, plus a couple that just missed the boat. There is a neo-classic-patchouli masculine. A modern powerhouse. A couple of greens. A fair number of concept fragrances with very interesting concepts. One thing that I'm surprised by in retrospect is the absence of a specifically orris-centered (iris) fragrance. Perhaps those have just been overdone lately, but I think that only a few entrants specified orris, and then only as one of many components.

      One of the things I'm hoping is that even with only 3 briefs being selected here, these are all under the eyes of the entire fragrance community. There is some possibility that more of them could see the light of day - perhaps not in their original forms, or even with attribution, but more as ideas to stimulate the minds of perfumers and suggest what the diehards are thinking they like. In that respect, if we can influence the future direction of fragrances being created in the marketplace, it will be a big win for us, even beyond whatever CPL produces for us to purchase.

    • hmedlock | 5th February 2010 17:45

      Although I feel the current fragrance market is on citrus overload, I am starting to hear lots of great things about verbena. Maybe "The Vampire Diaries" has something to do with the public's sudden interest in the herb. It may give this brief just the kick it needs to stay ahead of the pack. Interesting.