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Autumn Nights fragrance brief


06th January, 2000

This fragrance should support feelings of peace, anticipation and nostalgia that come while you walk at night in autumn. The notes should follow each other smoothly but should be separate, as you encounter them on your walk. The opening note should be smoke from a wood fire in a neighbor's fireplace as you pass. The note should not be overpowering but should linger for about 5 minutes. Middle notes of the season can include pumpkin, mums (herbal-flowery) and something that suggests a pleasing chill without being identifiable as mint. The dry down should move to warmth and combine lactonic, vanilla and nutmeg smells to suggest eggnog at home after the walk

Submitted by ECaruthers

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      • dareka | 9th January 2010 10:33

        A very evocative description; I think this fragrance could have the potential to be quite original.

      • selky | 14th January 2010 02:17

        I really like this concept and love the smell of wood smoke. This sounds intriguing - I'd love to see/smell how smoke and a pleasing chill moving to warmth are interpreted.

      • vintage*red | 24th January 2010 21:11

        This seems intriguing. The concept is unisex, which is great for the Basenotes community.