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09th March, 2013

Before the fragrances of last year become too distant a memory, we're asking you to vote for your favourite fragrances of 2012. One entrant will win a $100 gift certificate at a fragrance store of their choosing.

Voting is now closed.

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    • colognejunkie2000 | 11th March 2013 19:32

      I vote Spicebomb!! Love love love the pink pepper, cinammon, tobacco and leather. Great fragrance!!

    • Sherdil | 11th March 2013 19:55

      D&G - Light Blue for me. A true compliment getter for me.

    • kalli | 11th March 2013 19:56

      Spicebomb will win I guess. I didn't like one men's scent last year.

    • guthrie | 12th March 2013 04:52

      It's about time that Cartier be awarded. It's about time that rose note for men has to be given proper attention and recognition. So my vote goes to the wonderful and surprisingly beautiful

      Cartier's Declaration D'Un Soir ....

    • leecher88 | 12th March 2013 16:02

      CK Shock for him (similar to Antidote )

      - - - Updated - - -

      CK Shock for him (similar to Antidote )

      Its very good and sweet i love it

    • nostrille | 13th March 2013 06:19

      Spice bomb is a delicious smell, I'll put it on to fall asleep.

    • Grant | 13th March 2013 09:54

      Is it completely blank, or does the logo / menu etc load up?

    • craniumbash | 13th March 2013 11:00

      My vote for spice bomb as well, quite a nice scent and light dry down,well as per my nose

    • Lush | 13th March 2013 12:53

      I like Spicebomb too. I took a bunch of samples with me when I traveled to southern India last fall.

    • Guarigliajohn | 13th March 2013 22:01

      Spicebomb is the best designer release, adg Essenza and tf noir is good too. Best niche I have to say is interlude from amouage

    • frostyicy | 14th March 2013 12:37

      CK One Shock for Him

      For the price, smell, longevity, projection....this fragrance can't be beat!!!

    • darren1 | 14th March 2013 13:18

      i vote for enchanted forest from vagabond prince.

    • Francolino | 14th March 2013 14:25

      Interlude man Amouage!!!

      - - - Updated - - -

      Interlude man by Amouage, always a thrill to wear!

    • hoschhti | 15th March 2013 08:27

      "Tawaf" from La Via del Profumo.

    • killerloop | 15th March 2013 17:47

      Spicebomb was the highlight of 2012 releases for me.

    • sherif sayed | 16th March 2013 08:03

      Bleu de Chanel

      - - - Updated - - -

      Bleu de Chanel

    • adeel | 16th March 2013 08:49

      Bleu de Chanel


    • Zhi | 16th March 2013 19:50

      L'Heure de Nuit - If last year was 1912, I would say L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain. Since in actuality it was 2012 I vote for L'Heure de Nuit by Guerlain. Both are such lovely fragrances.

    • crispyjuicy | 17th March 2013 00:16

      La Nuit De Lhomme

      - - - Updated - - -

      La Nuit De Lhomme is my vote

    • classicrock | 18th March 2013 09:39

      Gucci Guilty Pour Homme. An aquatic with a personality for a change! This one has an expected formula to it that many people have come to like, and as another reviewer put it,has just enough "interesting" to attract serious collectors (if there is such a thing - I mean it's a pretty funny hobby if you think about it) but there you go...

    • surge | 18th March 2013 21:45

      So who won the gift cert and where are the results of the vote?

    • Grant | 19th March 2013 09:50

      The finalists and winner of the gift cert will be announced next week.

      The winners will be announced at the end of the week

    • Birdboy48 | 31st March 2013 20:12

      Darn, did I miss seeing the winners ?:huh: