Commodity hope to "change the fragrance industry forever" with Kickstarter project

11th March, 2013

Los Angeles-based company Commodity are using Crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, to launch a new service which they call “Scent Tailoring”. If their target is met, consumers will be helped to find their scent profile on their website, the consumer is then sent a selection of samples, which can be worn at leisure, before finally picking out a full size bottle.

Commodity have worked alongside Robertet to create the fragrances, which are bottled in California. Basenotes spoke to co-founder, Owen Gee to find out more.

"I've always had an interest in fragrances ever since my dad handed me that musky green Polo bottle in grade school," Owen Gee told Basenotes. "I'm a designer by trade and started talking to friends about different retail experiences that could be improved. I've always believed fragrances need to be tried on you throughout the day or at least a few hours before you know if it's right or wrong. We couldn't find a service that made this really accessible for everyday people. That's why we decided to create one."

The collection consists of ten men’s fragrances and ten women’s fragrances. "We want to bring more people into the world of fragrances," said Gee "To do this, we felt our own line needed to be as comfortable as possible to try, even if you're not into fragrances. Guys who don't wear fragrances are generally more comfortable with ones that are made for them. Even so, we're trying to slowly introduce the idea of masculine and feminine within each of the collections. Certain fragrances are shared, Moss, Paper, Wool. This way, we can also create a collection that appeals to women who sometime prefers to wear men's fragrances."

Currently the company only ship to the US. Though there may be the possibility to expand in the future. "If the online tailoring service does well in the US, we'd love to offer it internationally. In the mean time, we're looking into small shops to bring Commodity to neighborhoods everywhere. We're always open to suggestions!"

Gee chose Kickstarter to help see if there was demand for the idea. "We're really passionate about fragrances and have been supporting this through our own savings. However, we now need help with the high minimums required to go into production. By reaching out directly to the community we're hoping to tell our story and see if there's a demand. We hope to gain support from fellow scent-lovers so we can help make fragrances a modern essential accessory."

Here is co-founder, Owen Gee, explaining the concept in the Kickstarter video:

For those wishing to back the project, they can do so on the Commodity Kickstarter page.

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About the author: Grant Osborne

Grant Osborne is the founder and editor of Basenotes. Grant has two children, and a dependence on tea, haribo and bacon.



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    • treeman5823 | 11th March 2013 20:21

      Once again: perfume meant to be an accessory, not art. Bleh.

    • lpp | 12th March 2013 14:09

      Well, they're small people trying, so I wish them luck.

      Who knows where they might go?

    • CesareBorgia | 12th March 2013 15:49

      I hope that their story is "real." The fact that they will produce their product in California, perhaps they will not comply with the absurd European regulations that are bastardizing the perfume industry. If they produce beautiful fragrances that actually have depth and staying power, i will be an ardent supporter and customer. If they put out the same kind of juice that we get from Europe, they have no chance.

      - - - Updated - - -

      One other thing. The fact that they are selling rollers does not give me a lot of confidence that these will be exceptional fragrances. To me, a "definitive presence" that lasts a solid 6-8 hours would be acceptable. I'm not looking for something that projects like crazy, but I hate applying a fragrance after the morning shower, only for it to disappear before noon. The company founder didn't address longevity in his presentation, he simply stated they are using quality ingredients. We've heard all of that before; the proof will be in the pudding. I'd make a pledge if this subject had been satisfactorily addressed, but as it is, I'll wait and see.

    • aaronxxx | 17th March 2013 21:44

      i'm confused on how this is a tailoring service if they aren't making custome scents for every customer. from what i can gather, they simply have scents that they'll send you testers of. you can get a tester almost anywhere, so how is this new?

    • treeman5823 | 18th March 2013 01:12

      Aaronxxx, it's not.