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06th January, 2000

Here is my fragrance aimed for women , its called LATR

She walked slowly towards the door , breathing in deliberately and deeply , opened the ancient church door, and stood outside in the sunlight and exhaled . She breathed in again as before , putting one step forward, it was as from one world to another......

And so LaTR was created .

From the past into the future from memories into reality, from darker shades into light.

La Troisieme Renaissence.

We all need the chance to change , re invent , re-birth our spirits.

We all take chances in life , may the third time be the luckiest !!!

See u LATR.

Top Notes

Lavender, Bergamot, Rose Absolu, Iris, Honey

Middle Notes

Amber,Fig Leaf, White Musk,

Base Notes

Frankincense, Ambergris, Lichen/Oakmoss ,Cedarwood, Ivy

This is a fragrance for the adventurous woman of any age , although perhaps i might suggest 20 - 40. Young but with a knowing side, Classy but not too serious, a fragrance to remind , inspire and motivate.

LaTR should take us on a journey from of a Renaissence church or gallery to a summer garden party somewhere in the south of France , or perhaps in Henley on Thames !!!

The overall tone is one of Sunlight, Gardens (Lavender ,Rose), perhaps by a calm lake (iris) yet, combined with the more mature /classy elements of a beautiful old church (Frankincense,Ivy) in the background, reminding us of our spiritual side.

The fragrance should be uplifting, with a basenote which can carry our thoughts and memories through into the future.

The Visuals would be magical spiritual yet fun and very real .attainable !!!

The future will be challenging.......a good smell will help us all.

Submitted by Fila

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    • jayjupes | 7th February 2010 21:51

      this is actually incredibly creative notes-wise to my untrained mind in such matters.

      if you took out the rose absolu and cedarwood, i'd buy for sure.

      i think tho that that would never happen as you specifically cite rose as being one of the central themes.