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Silk Heal


06th January, 2000

The idea for this fragrance originates from the historical wars and battles where soldiers of armies would return to their respective camps injured and requiring mending. The silk cure is the medicine used to sooth the wound and the frankincense a traditional healing ointment used in ancient remedies. The texture of this scent is soft, smooth just like touching a light, white feather. This scent should ideally be extrait or oil attar to exaggerate the feel and touch it has with the userís skin.

The two major notes that should be used in this scent are vanilla and frankincense, both in the drydown. To begin with I feel the top notes should coincide with the literal shock an injured soldier would feel when medicine is first laid on the wound, i.e a tingling sensation. However this should be characterised by a prickly, boozy beginning (I was thinking a lavender opening similar to A Taste Of Heaven by By Kilian with other supporting top notes) and move to the heart notes with soothing aromatherapy accords to keep the texture calm yet potent. The drydown should have a distinct smooth whipped cream mixed with sugar texture and delicate smell with the frankincense and vanilla playing the major roles for this scent.

This fragrance was especially inspired by the House of Healing, a special retreat for the wounded in J.R.R Tolkeinís Lord of the Rings trilogy. This scent epitomises for me the healing remedies of the ancient times but also developed to capture a comforting retreat for those who also require healing within the soul.

I can relate this scent to a harp, an instrument that instantly soothes the hearer and calms the heart. The quality of this scent would be the expertise to which it is blended, the scent must have a flawless switch between the three sections of pyramid to exaggerate the name and background for which itís made. Furthermore I feel this scent is a unisex fragrance inclined for the male population but also a scent easy enough for a lady to use.

I would imagine the marketing to involve pictures and images that emotionalise the purpose of the scent keeping the selling point with poetic language and soft illustrations evoking open yet golden colours of natural landscapes. The scent has having a creamy yet soft soothing texture and with that white and hazy themes running through it would be best appropriate.

I can imagine this scent to feel like the warming that one obtains when clutching a soft white set of feathery pillows in the harshest desolate desert. This best describes the intense relief a remedy would provide to the fallen soldiers when recuperating in the midst great pain with the Silk Heal providing the soothing reprieve.

Supporting material

Figure A, Texture of the soft smooth drydown

see attachment

Figure B, Imagery I would associate with the scent marketing

see attachment

Figure C, Further marketing imagery

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    • Aerandir4 | 10th January 2010 12:13

      By the way the brief 'Silk Heal' was sent by me but doesn't have my name attached for some reason so I'll leave a note here.

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 10th January 2010 15:50

      Ah, so that one is yours! I found that one to be one of the most emotionally appealing, although, as a BIG jasmine lover, I am most favorable toward your other brief, Shereen. I really think the simple set of notes you've laid out for Shereen provide a firm foundation for a truly great fragrance, and I would be thrilled if it was made. Although that one is technically a masculine, I think it would have enormous appeal to our ladies. Based on my own experience with layering of jasmine scents, I know exactly what you're going after in my mind, and I think that would be heavenly. I also find the entire theme very appealing. (I'll try to re-post these thoughts on that thread in more detail later).

    • Aerandir4 | 10th January 2010 20:32

      Thank you very much Redneck for your views. I have tried to sum up words into feelings as much as possible. I am also a big jasmine lover and tried to get some good ideas down for Shereen. With Silk Heal I tried to think of something unique yet striking in emotion and warmth to touch the user as much as possible. I would really like to read your briefs as well but time permitting (University exams) I may have to fit them in quickly. I hope that whoever's briefs are chosen that we get something truly special. Best regards! p.s. I'll post some comments once I get to read them.