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07th January, 2000


The Idea of this fragrance is to describe a situation that most of us experience lots of times in our lives I suppose. The first time it happens is when you are a small child, and for the first time you simply look at the Sky at night and begin to think about your life, in the things you expect that will happen with you, begin to have your first dreams and make your own plans. And this situation happens from time to time in your life, when you are a kid, than when you are a man, and probably Will happen when you get old. The thoughts may change, but the feeling you have when you are there, on your own, are almost the same.

The smell of the breeze of the night, the wet air of the night, the smell of earth, and

the peace you fell when you look to the stars, make you feel hopeful, secure, and in peace.

That is the Idea of this fragrance. When you wear it, you Will feel exactly like you are in peace, comfortable with the kind you man that you are. You feel proud when you take a look in your life and you admire the things you have done and you admire the human being you have become.

How this should smell?

This fragrance must represent all these components. The breeze of the night that touches your face looking at the Sky. The smell of wet earth that comes from the soil, from far away...the smell of the trees, the smell of their Woods and Green leaves. Must describe the feeling you have at this moment...your face feels the cold of the night, your eyes are relaxed, watching far always stars and looking to infinity, and are full of hope and deep inside you feel that you Will have a beautiful life.

And some key notes and well know fragrances come to my mind when I think about this:

  • The smell of M7, when it settles down;

  • Another fragrance would describe perfectly the feeling you have smelling the air, that is Captain, by Molyneux (discontinued);

  • and a very small hint of a traditional female perfume, and it think that is something very particular, that brings a fell of security to me, probably because my mother used to wear it...Muguet Du Bonheur, from Caron;

  • and a very, but very discrete hint of Vetiver.

This is specifically a male fragrance, and it think more suitable to those over 35, and in fact it should be like one of those 80s powerhouse. This perfume shall not be subtle at all. But, the marketing for this must not be like many we see nowadays, like “One Million” Paco Rabanne for is not related with success by this point of view, but you feel fine and succeeded wearing it, because it makes you feel good with is not something “blazé”. If I would choose a voice to advertise it, certainly it would be Sean Connery. And a good music to describe this feeling, is “Talk to the Wind”, from King Crimson, or another good choice and image, is Eric Clapton, playing some of his blues, and i think that is the image of it...Eric Clapton..a man that passed through many things in his life, a genius in music, and that became better as time passes, Just like Sean Connery.

Submitted by davisbrandao

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