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Winter Frost


07th January, 2000

This brief was created by my teenaged daughter.

This fragrance is aimed at mature teenagers or young adults, or anyone who feels this way.

An icy fragrance, breathtaking. Above all else it needs to be cold.

A fragrance redolent of pent-up energy, seeking to be released. This is not necessarily a fragrance about motion, but about wanting to move. The wearer aspires to motion and to soaring free, (though they may not be at that moment active.) "In my heart I'm out there".

It stimulates the senses. The wearer feels totally in the moment, aware, alert, all his or her senses are engaged. They feel empowered, in balance and in harmony with nature. It could be worn by a runner in the snow or rain, a diver-- not a sports fragrance per se, but something for the solitary athlete or anyone wanting to get in tune with nature and escape, or in tune with their body and be powerful. Therefore it could be worn by someone doing something centering like yoga or something extreme like snowboarding. The wearer feels as though they are in the clouds above everyone. They have had a revelation and their eyes have been opened. They feel cleansed.

Cool colors: blue, gray, white

Music: haunting, suspenseful humming, like Enya when she sings "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."

Sounds of breathing in the background, in and out, like doing yoga, like something is building. Suspenseful.

This was inspired by the book Specials by Scott Westerfeld-- see the cover photo (note the attitude of the girl on the front cover) and the words on the cover: " "Frighteningly beautiful--Dangerously strong--Breathtakingly fast" (see this book on Amazon here )

Textures: cold, hard, sharp, very smooth

Flavors: like the taste of snow

Marketing: Unisex. A cool female voice speaking hypnotically. In ads there should be a female speaking; in some ads a guy is being filmed, and in other ads a girl is being filmed.

Buzzwords: Icy, lofty, intense, wintery but not minty, almost cruel. Fresh and not dirty at all, gives a sense of coolness; clean in the sense that B&BW Sea Island Cotton is clean and fresh (but not trying to imitate that fragrance.)

Submitted by 30 Roses on behalf of her daughter

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      • 30 Roses | 9th January 2010 15:59

        Thank you! My daughter is having fun imagining what it would be like to have her perfume made, and to be able to tell all her friends at school. I imagine some of them would be curious and buy it. Teens seem to have a lot of discretionary money these days, judging from what I see them spending at the mall.

      • Slamwich | 15th January 2010 22:15

        I've smelled plenty of scents that give off the feeling of coolness, but in a "water" kind of way. The thought of a fragrance that actually makes me think of ice and coldness rather than liquid is... mmmm. I can get behind that, for sure.

      • LiveJazz | 19th January 2010 17:29

        "Buzzwords: Icy, lofty, intense, wintery but not minty, almost cruel. Fresh and not dirty at all, gives a sense of coolness; clean in the sense that B&BW Sea Island Cotton is clean and fresh (but not trying to imitate that fragrance.)"

        I love the idea here :thumbup:, but I can't get a sense of how this effect would be accomplished. I've searched for a fragrance like the one described here, but the closest I can get is some sort of cleaned-up vetiver/evergreen/eucalyptus accord, but that might be too green and a little dirty for the goal here.

        Any ideas on the what notes might accomplish a clean, neutral, "cold" accord?

      • 30 Roses | 20th January 2010 02:01

        "...Any ideas on the what notes might accomplish a clean, neutral, "cold" accord?"

        Alas, I do not know, and my daughter (whose brief this is) knows even less than I do about making perfume! I'm curious about what an experienced perfumer would use to get this effect, too.

      • RHM | 20th January 2010 02:11

        I think this would be very refreshing to wear in the heat. Very clever of her!

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 20th January 2010 02:37

        There is a proprietary component called "Arctical" that is used to create a cooling effect in the fragrance "Porsche Design Essence" by Porsche. The review of the fragrance is here. All that I could find about Arctical is that it's a mixture of substances. More details may have become public since I checked (I wanted to find chemical structures, but couldn't at that time). It works rather well, in that fragrance, but is mixed with many substantial notes like juniper berry, so it's not anything close to this brief.

        There is another component which is an ether derived from menthol and glycerine. It is named Cooling Agent No. 10, manufactured by Takasago, and had CAS Registry number 87061-04-9. It is made in 2 steps from menthol.

        Cooling agents like this are a hot topic - no pun intended. Finding new ones is something of cottage industry. There is an excellent article about them at Leffingwell, here. Don't be scared by the structures - every point is a carbon atom, every line is a bond, and the letters are the specific element or (in groups) a cluster of them. Notice that many molecules are similar. That core structure is roughly the skeleton of menthol.

      • 30 Roses | 20th January 2010 05:10

        Thanks for all that information, Redneck Perfumisto! Reading that, I recalled that there was a vapocoolant (skin refrigerant) used in Physical Therapy for treating trigger points, in a technique called Spray and Stretch. But I don't recall its having a scent.

      • MetroModern | 20th January 2010 19:36

        Hello! I personaly have tried to look for something in the commercial market that is not unlike what you have described. But....what I have found....Winter Tale by Canali seemed to capture your idea at least by name. Unfortunetly the fragrance focuses more on the woodsy aspect of winter rather than the ICEY cold....20 below zero skiing down a hillside. Also Cerruti Image....which I had a bottle of, for the first few seconds upon smelling the top notes almost captured that open air freedom, but fails to take it any further.

        Compliments to 30 Roses and your daughter for summerizing so well the idea not only by what you want to smell but also what would be best in terms of sight and sound as to selling the product. Redneck Perfumisto, you seem to really know your stuff.

        Im glad I joined this sight!

      • hmedlock | 21st January 2010 02:53

        Despite the comments made about my personal character, I really like this brief and this sounds like a wonderful fragrance. Van Cleef and Arpels 'Les Saisons Hiver' is along these lines. However, it is not a unisex fragrance, unfortunately. This sounds like it corrects the minor dislikes that I had with that fragrance and makes it available for everyone to enjoy. The direction that you are taking with keeping it icy and wintery without being minty or citrusy would definitely give this an advantage over other icy scents that solely rely on those, and many do. If done right, this is one that I would not mind trying, wearing and adding to my small collection, especially if the dry down has a clean and subtle scent like sea island cotton without being overly sweet.

      • Kevin Guyer | 21st January 2010 16:48

        I like the idea of therapy in a bottle. I strongly believe in the potential of energizing/cooling molecules. In the summer I soak a tissue in camphor essential oil and leave it on the desk next to me while I work.

        Nice brief, congrats to your smart daughter.

      • 30 Roses | 22nd January 2010 13:25

        Thanks to those who've left encouraging remarks on my daughter's brief-- she doesn't read this site but gets a charge out it when I read her what folks have said about her brief.

        She's not feeling so well just now-- I had to send her to school with a cold today-- and she's heavily loaded down with long term projects and regular homework this weekend. So it was good to see her smile about this.

      • Pipsisien | 4th February 2010 16:18

        I'm thinking spearmint and rose, being in the Scandinavian countryside right now with 50 cm snow I feel these scents everywhere - and then there is something extremely dry to it too - this "dirty", it is there for sure. Think the true challenge is to capture that scent for the perfume to get the edge.