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Brief by M Costanza


07th January, 2000

My idea of a fragrance, unisex or for men, is like this:

It should be cool and solid; remind the smell of wet sand and wind, rain, lagoons and bulrushes.

It should give the skin the feeling of being touched by a pebble. It should be grey, shouldn’t be cold or warm but still and silent, contain the same deep emotions a moody landscape can convey. If I think of a texture it should be slightly oily…

It shouldn’t have a flavour, no spice, no sweetness, no salt. Could be bitter like freshwater can be.

If I had to market this fragrance I wouldn’t give it French or English names; its connotations should lead to remote or unknown places. It should be an object with its own smell, rather than a perfume.

Submitted by M Costanza

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