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She Loves You


07th January, 2000

Woody gourmand, masculine

The distinguishing quality of masculine fragrances often seems to be abrasiveness. Wood resins become acrid, ozone scrape’s ones nostrils, spices are almost sneeze-worthy, and citrus elements are as sour as can be. This is meant to be a masculine scent that is identifiable as such without giving up the smoothness that women’s fragrances take for granted. It wouldn’t be quite the thing for a board meeting or a night spent clubbing – instead, it’s suited for time with a sweetheart or the sort of flirtation meant to attract long-term interest. The scent should make the wearer’s girlfriend want to borrow his jacket and could be marketed that way. (While single men might buy it for themselves, boyfriends or husbands might have it bought for them.)

The two primary elements in this scent are dry wood and dry cinnamon, and they should arrive simultaneously. The former is meant to be a realistic scent of wood (a bit like being near some unvarnished furniture) so sandalwood, kyara, and amber are out. Birch strikes me as a likely candidate instead. (Beech and alder might do well, but strong evergreen elements should probably be left out, since we’re not trying to recreate Polo.) The latter should specifically reference cinnamon rolls, so it must be sweetened a little so as not to smell merely like bark. A burnt sugar sweetness might be most appropriate for this purpose, but if a very small additional element of vanilla could make the scent more “comfortable”, then it might be worthwhile. Potential lesser notes that aren’t specifically sweet might include nutmeg or ginger, but the latter is not a dry scent and would have to be handled carefully. Smelling this scent should be like being in a warm room, so a brief top note reminiscent of cold air “outside” might be an interesting touch, if possible. The last note to fade should be the cinnamon, outlasting the wood and the sugar.

Submitted by blkbrd

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