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A Californian girlhood


07th January, 2000

Eccentric floral, feminine

The lantana flower has, I think, a beautiful aroma, but I know of no lantana perfumes - possibly because itís thought of as a nuisance plant. This fragrance would feature the scent of the lantana while ornamenting it with other notes also drawn from a childhood in California. The olfactory elements are nearly all summery, and so this may be either a summer scent or one saved for the greyest part of winter. Itís an Aimee Mann song, a picture on a Jones Soda bottle, or a sundress from Anthropologie, meant to appeal to young women of college age or so who donít fear idiosyncrasy.

The lantana scent is present at all stages of the perfume, at its strongest in the heart and at its (relative) weakest in the drydown. The top notes should be punched up with a dandelion accord similar to that found in Skeemís Lilac Dandelion. This is replaced, in the heart, with the scent of the lantana plantís own leaves. Some find this aroma disagreeable, so it must not be allowed to overpower the bloom. It should simply fill out the smell of the flower. Also present in the heart, if possible, is the scent of a hot sidewalk. As the floral sweetness finally fades, a different chocolate/vanilla sweetness (handled very lightly, as in a very weak application of Vera Wang Princess) covers some of the lost ground, and a fabric smell like that of a warm blanket or stuffed animal replaces the sidewalk. This is the scentís literal dessert-and-tucking-in phase. And, if this is AT ALL possible, the base lastly should incorporate, faintly, the sulfurous note left in the air after a fireworks display.

This perfume should feel personal, rather than plastic. Alternatively, itís a diary entry as opposed to a headshot.

Submitted by blkbrd

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    • hmedlock | 21st January 2010 02:17

      I've never smelled lantana flower before, but you described a really nice floral fragrance. There are already a couple that have a faint vanilla base. A chocolate base would be intriguing. Bvlgari Notte (sp) is one of the few scents with a chocolate note that I've smelled that complimented the fragrance nicely. "It's a diary entry as opposed to a headshot," is actually a great description for a fragrance. So many try to standout that they overshoot. Interesting fragrance. I would not mind smelling it.