Black Friday Perfume deals and beyond


29th November, 2013


    • lpp | 29th November 2013 13:41

      Black 'deals' link on Articles Page not active yet - link in text above works!

    • FumeHood | 29th November 2013 15:46

      Not listed here, but pretty significant in my opinion...

      L'Artisan Parfumeur has put the ENTIRE WEBSITE on sale (including the USA, UK, and FRENCH sites) at 25% off, plus they're throwing in one of those free travelo atomizers with the L'AP branding.

      I Just picked up two bottles, and at checkout the savings were over 100 USD. Not a bad promo at all for a company that does do sales periodically, but rarely seems to put the things I WANT on sale.

    • Tony T | 29th November 2013 16:08

      Sounds like a great deal

    • MysteryBuff40 | 1st December 2013 05:29

      Pretty pathetic offers. Not motivating at all.

    • Goonerchi | 1st December 2013 08:24

      Byredo.en - thank me later

    • danieq | 2nd December 2013 18:59

      Is there a code for this sale?

    • lpp | 2nd December 2013 19:11

      Is there a code for this, please?

    • Akahina | 2nd December 2013 20:13

      Not terribly inspired by any of these.

    • timmy-j | 8th December 2013 19:16

      FragranceX always has free shipping. These deals suuuck.