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J McGraw's brief


07th January, 2000

DESCRIPTION: A mysterious stranger in a faraway land… who smells irresistible. You want to kiss him, you want him to take you in his arms and make love to you wherever he is staying. You dream of him taking you back to his home. It’s a holiday romance that will last forever.

There are city smells: like walking into an opium den, leaning in to speak with a femme fatale at a secluded bar, or browsing high-street boutiques. But there is a hint of home there: even if you only spend one night making beautiful love to this man, it could last a lifetime. You imagine yourself at eighty years old, in a little cottage surrounded by gardens in the country, with your lover by your side. The fragrance is what brought you together.

KEY NOTES: Leather, musk and vetiver… these are the scents that linger longest. Even if you spent one night with the person, after thirty years you would remember him by these scents alone. A hint of earthy myrrh to anchor. Cacao bean and lotus in the middle. Top notes of cucumber and lime, with just a tiny hint of rum: this man feels comfortable with a man’s drink, but likes to take care of himself.

WHO WEARS IT: This is a man’s fragrance. It is for the man who might find himself in London one evening, Bangkok or Caracas the next. It lasts – sometimes, a shower is a luxury a world voyager cannot find. A woman smelling this in a Four Seasons’ lobby knows the man has taste; a cute girl smelling this on a backpacker in an out-of-the-way hostel knows this man has secrets.

ADVERTISING BRIEF: Exotic locales, seductive and enigmatic women, new discoveries… not James Bond, Indiana Jones or even Errol Flynn, but something for the modern, masculine traveller, a fragrance for any man who embraces the foreign, learns rather than resists, and has ever talked – or wants to talk – with a dusky-skinned beauty in a strange land.

Submitted by J McGraw

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