Australian album Sandalwood - Gift Recipients

03rd January, 2014

Australian album Sandalwood - Gift Recipients

Happy Everything Basenoters for 2014 and Beyond. Let's start the year with 8 gifts.

The Gift Recipients of the Australian album Sandalwood Draw are:









Congratulations to you; your own sandalwood dream has become a reality.

The Gift is 1 of 8 ~ 5ml vials of Australian album Sandalwood (Santalum album grown in Australia).

Please send your postal address, phone number (some couriers require this for international delivery) AND permission to send your address to TFS in Australia the for purpose of mailing out your very own vial of this fabled substance. Surely a collector's item. Alas mine has all vanished onto my wrists and I may have taken a sandalwood oil bath or 5. I should have composed a perfume but that is best left to perfumers and students of perfumery.

This is a young oil and not yet mature. Is is an ingredient rather than a composed perfume.

Please email the details requested above to:

Copy / Paste:

Subject: Sandalwood Oil Draw

Please send my postal address details to TFS in Australia etc


There were several questions within the comments that I was unable to answer. I like that. I will do some further research and reply on the thread with the information in due course.

Sandalwood Dreams,

Jordan River


TFS Contact Information

If you would like to experience Australian album sandalwood oil or wood the contacts are:

Home and Small Business buyers - TFS products page

Commercial Quantity

Australian album Oil - TFS commercial enquiries

Australian album Wood - TFS commercial enquiries

TFS Video

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    • grabuge | 5th January 2014 16:12

      As one of the lucky winners in this draw, I am both incredulous and overjoyed!

      Many thanks to Jordan, Basenotes and TFS.

      And a great year 2014 to all!

      - G.

    • Azar | 14th January 2014 17:26

      Thank you so much, Jordan, TSF and Basenotes for this generous draw! Last year I purchased some Mt Romance Santalum spicatum oil. It is lovely! The new S. album product must be simply wonderful. I'm looking forward to receiving it and wearing it neat!

      Thank you again Jordan.

      Azar xx

    • Azar | 4th February 2014 19:45

      Hi Jordan!

      I received the new S. album oil a few days ago. It is just as wonderful as you described it! Thank you (and all involved) for expanding my sandalwood horizons!!!

      Azar xx