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Fragrance Brief #3 by Ruggles


07th January, 2000

Gender: Unisex

Family: Eau de Cologne

A Byzantine mosaic inspires this fragrance. A pair of white doves, a vessel of water; the male alertly looks away, while the female peacefully takes a drink of the water. The moment is tranquil, yet there’s an alertness.

The accords are evocative of the mosaic’s clear colors: lapis, emerald, white, citron, Mediterranean blue and a touch of orange.

This cologne harkens back to primitive scented waters and distillations, before the invention of modern perfumery. And yet it is a totally modern and transparent creation.

The scent should illuminate, clarify and refresh the wearer, but it should be lasting, like a memory. Light florals, warm sun, over a base of clean musk.

It should be offered in a splash bottle, to encourage the sensual act of applying it to your body with your hands.

The music playing is The Books remake of Nick Drake’s Cello Song.

Submitted by Ruggles

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      • Asha | 11th January 2010 01:12

        This one sounds very appealing--that's three for three, Ruggles. :) I like the idea of a sort of "Water of Life" fragrance that is as much about body and mind wellness as it is about adornment through fragrance. I can imagine fine fragrant botanicals and more "healthy" ingredients such as kelp and aromatic bitters. In fact, this could probably be a whole line of fine body products (thinking of Clarins or Borghese products, only more from a perfume point of view).

      • Kevin Guyer | 16th January 2010 23:29

        This is the image that goes along with my brief. Asha, Water of Life is a very nice description of what I want to convey with this brief. I tried to present the idea of a unisex fragrance as one that represents a relationship, rather than the usual a thing with two heads concept.

      • 30 Roses | 17th January 2010 00:13

        I keep coming back to this one. It sounds so...pure, essential, joyful. My only problem with wearing would be that I don't seem to tolerate musks well--they give me a headache. But it does sound like a marvelously timeless fragrance. Sounds like a winner to me.

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 17th January 2010 02:24

        Yes - I raved about this on the "reveal" thread, but it should be done here as well. The brief truly captures the idea of shared fragrance - with the idea of sharing in something, as opposed to sharing in being. I didn't realize it at the time, but that was the touching part that really moved me.

        It actually seems more truly "shared" than any of our household's current colognes, which always end up on one end of the vanity or the other. This one begs to be in the center. If the original graphic cannot be used for the bottle, then we absolutely must have it reinterpreted by one of our BN artists. It's just too perfect.

        From there, I could just go on and on. The fragrance itself seems very appealing at this exact point in time. A floral cologne will be perfect for the coming spring and summer - the timing is excellent. As I said before, it could be rolled out as the next Hermès cologne - it's that good. Beyond that, it has (as you say, 30 Roses) that timeless nature that will only improve as it goes vintage.

        If this one is picked, I may just get two bottles - one to share now and one for the future.