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08th January, 2000

The ancient Greeks and Romans knew that hygiene was as integral to life as eating and breathing. Yet for the people of this age, hygiene was lived not through the use of soaps or hand sanitizers, but at the Baths. Instead of lather, rinse and dry, people submerged themselves in hygiene. Waters infused with herbs and flowers would cleanse away all the impurities that came with living and leave the body with a lasting, harmonious bouquet that would signal to all around that this person is both beautiful and as pure as Mother Nature. A woman who could be hygiene was admired as well as desired.

HYGEIA is a fragrance for the woman who wants to be hygiene.

HYGEIA, named after the Goddess of good health, brings back the spirit of the ancient Greek and Roman Baths and offers women a chance to relish the feeling of be hygiene and the lasting results outside the home. The notes are based directly on the herbs and flowers that were used in ancient times and structured to give an immediate sense of clean and the lasting feeling of gentle spice and flora. The top notes consist of Laurel, Orange Blossom and Olive Flower. The clean scent from the Laurel will refresh the mind while the orange blossom and the olive flower offer a

sense of excitement. The middle notes of Bay Leaf, Violet and Safrron bring out more of the spiciness that brought desire to any woman fresh from the Bath. Bay leaf’s mild clove structure will keep attention while safrron and violet will ignite curiosity. At the bottom are Hyacinth, Jasmine and Honeysuckle. These fragrances are longer lasting and can combine with a woman’s own natural scent in delightful accord that will keep the message of be hygiene for hours.

HYGEIA represents a return to a time when be hygiene was luxurious, not a part of the usual rat race. The contrast to today’s world may be an important message to convey. Smokestacks, cars, sick people and news headlines may all dissolve into a flower petal covered water pool in the depths of a Greek Bath. From this water, the woman who wears Hygeia rises. Wet and smooth, her body shows her beauty and purity. She looks into the camera and declares, “Be Hygiene.”

HYGEIA has the potential for development into a line of products. Bath oils can truly emulate the Greek or Roman Bath experience while body lotions may add to the overall experience of the fragrance. An expansion into more modern soap products carrying the Hygeia fragrance may offer the modern woman the luxury of ancient times.

HYGIEA may revisit the ancient worlds long since past but is a fragrance for our modern times. In a world where our air is polluted, much of our water is unsafe and we are continually besieged with disease and pandemic, we continually struggle to stay hygienic. HYGEIA offers women the chance to reawaken the pleasure of be hygiene and share her delight with the world.

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      • Redneck Perfumisto | 17th January 2010 03:28

        I do just love this idea. If it isn't done by Basenotes, then I sincerely hope it is stolen by somebody who will actually make it. My wife and I visited the ruins at Pompeii, and I have to tell you, the bath was the most immediately appealing part of the entire site. I just wanted for the bath to suddenly be full, and for all of us to just wade in and relax. The very thought of a fragrance based on that old idea is enormously compelling. Just one thing - please say somewhere in the product literature.... anywhere.... even on the bottom of the box, if need be.... that men can use it, too. :wink: