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B Baumer's brief


08th January, 2000

Description: A warm incense, with a touch of tuberose and a dusty-earthy

undertone, as I have experienced in buddhist temples and have not yet found in

existing perfumes

Key notes: Incense (combination of various types?), tuberose, tropical woods

(sandal, teak), a touch of cumin, tea

Inspiration: Visiting Buddhist temples (e.g. Cambodia) on a hot moist day, with old

ladies selling tuberose sprigs for an altar offering

Flavour/taste: “umami”, spicy, slightly bitter-sweet

Texture: dry, raw silk

Colours: Buddhist colours, warm reds, oranges, yellows, with a touch of black

Music: peaceful silence

Target groups: An unisex twist, for age groups over 25-30

Benchmarks for comparison: Dzongkha, Comme des garcons incense series,

Etro’s messe de minuit, Annick Goutal’s Incense flamboyant…are all near but not

quite it

Quality/ image: exclusive / niche, high quality raw materials, must not be all natural

Marketing: no mass marketing, ads in good travel magazines, scent apéros in good

tea shops, must speak more to the individual traveller and not package-tourist

Imagery: terre d’hermes / Fahrenheit types of ads, but with a subtle connection to


Submitted by B Baumer

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    • dareka | 9th January 2010 10:35

      This one's right up my street and it would be interesting to see which notes would be highlighted (the tea? the cumin?) in order to make the whole stand on its own two feet.

    • Asha | 10th January 2010 22:59

      This one sounds very interesting to me. I am not a huge fan of incense aromachemicals, but I think the effect can be achieved using naturals with smoky aspects combined with real resins (frankincense, myrrh, etc.). I think the composition could be very unusual, especially with the precious woods and exotic florals.

      I personally would leave out any "tea accord" and opt instead for real tea tincture or essential oil. I think the Bulgari-style tea accord has played itself out, and I think it would really date this fragrance.

    • jayjupes | 7th February 2010 21:21

      i'll take the tea either way, and this is my favorite brief so far.