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Leesee's brief


08th January, 2000

A short description of how your fragrance should smell.

It should smell like the stained glass in a beautiful cathedral would smell if every color and pattern came to life osmotically. But because the scent would be filtered through the lead or the sand of the glass, it would have a glistening effect – muted somehow, but still absolutely vivid.

Do any key notes or materials stand out in your fragrance?

All I know is the scent is not aquatic or “fruity.”

Was your fragrance inspired by anything particular?

I have an antique handkerchief that used to sit underneath my perfume tray. One day I noticed that it had the most luscious fragrance, like the handprint of a thousand different scents arranged in a sort of olfactory collage. It smelled better than any one scent I owned or wore. It was soft, but not wan. It was sweet but not sugary. It was complex, but somehow easy to understand. It had caught and transcribed every drop of every scent I had sprayed in its vicinity for years and years. It was a fragrance collage, but also a fragrance diary, reflecting every scented word I had ever spoken.

What flavours does your fragrance conjure up?

Maybe it has a slightly – very slightly – leafy flavor.

What textures could you use to describe the fragrance?

It has the dry feeling of the dainty linen over-papers on elegant wedding invitations, but it is also smooth like stained glass.

What colours come to mind when you smell the fragrance?

I smell the vivid colors of the stained glass, but again, I smell them through the glass – amber, silver, cobalt, eggplant, magenta, emerald, sun – all filtered yet very present and alive.

What sounds or type of music would you compare it to?

It sounds like the sort of breeze that would lift your hair off the back of your neck ever so gently.

Do you see your fragrance being worn by everyone or is it targeted specifically for men, women or certain age groups?

It is not “unisex” by today’s standards, but perhaps unisex by the standards of the early 1900s.

Benchmarks for comparison – does your fragrance have to measure up to existing products in aspects such as character, quality, materials, brand image etc.?

I don’t really understand this question. I do know the scent is not a drugstore-marketed type of scent. You won’t find it on a scent strip inside a magazine. It won’t feature a beautiful actress in its ad campaigns.

If you were to market this fragrance, what tone of voice would you use and what type of language? Would it be traditional, use French terminology, casual, trendy, serious, cheeky etc.?

No voices. Just images. Like a silent movie or a vintage slide show. French terminology would be acceptable, but so would formal American terminology.

If you were to create an ad for this fragrance, what imagery would you use?

Maybe tiny drops of scent from a bottle of perfume that spill or splash onto a little diary and create the words on the page.

Submitted by Leesee

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    • Redneck Perfumisto | 9th January 2010 01:26

      Actually, this is a really nice brief, and not just that - I think it's very representative of Basenotes itself. The idea of the joining of perfumes on a beautiful cloth on a tray - very cool. Honestly, this is one of my faves.

      Expressed by the perfumer, it begs for the complexity of something like 24 Faubourg. Perhaps less orchestrated, more like a combination of tranparent objects which are individually separable by the nose.

      Great idea, and I would be very happy to see this one chosen, I must say. :coolold:

    • Leesee | 9th January 2010 10:06

      Thank you, RP. I think we all submitted briefs that were meaningful to us. So for me, at least, it is gratifying to know that someone took the time to express appreciation for what I wrote. Thank you so much for your kind comments.

    • dareka | 9th January 2010 10:49

      I'm probably biased towards anything that sounds a bit church-like or liturgical, but this brief conjured up all sorts of interesting images in my mind.Good luck to you!

    • selky | 11th January 2010 00:59

      I really like this. I can see the colours and texture and the form it could possibly take. It would be a very interesting scent. :thumbup:

    • Nostalgie | 8th February 2010 20:16

      Oooooh. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!