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08th January, 2000

The basis of this scent is a twist on two existing fragrances, namely Ambre Russe by Parfum d’Empire and Ambre Narguile by Hermes. The idea came about after a disappointing search for a jasmine scent that does justice to the flagrant and beautiful soft flower. I have named this scent: Sheereen which in the Persian language means sweet. However its meaning does not personally relate to an overtly sweet chocolate cake but rather the sweet taste that develops by adding sugar to restrain and refine a bitter taste. I would like this scent to have the same texture of leather as Ambre Russe but with a rich jasmine-honey combination that runs through to the drydown (as opposed to the amber-vanilla-honey present in Ambre Narguile).

Sheereen should consist of three main notes- leather, honey and jasmine, and the combination would be combined for an intoxicating syrupy honey leather backdrop with a prominent jasmine that stays in the dry down. The jasmine should be unadultered and as close to the flower as possible.

The idea for this scent came about when thinking about a previous trip to Iran, where during one night me and my family returned to my uncle’s house and just outside the neighbours house lay a wonderful bush of jasmine flowers that radiated the most intoxicating jasmine on the starriest of nights and a sleepy desert mountain lay in the scenery. The leather aspect of this scent comes from my avid interest in Jazz and especially the saxophone instrument. The boozy character of the leather should be a quintessence of sophistication and luxury.

The texture of this scent is boozy, the leather-honey plays the role of the carrier and the jasmine should be restrained but deceitful, flapping in and out of the honey-leather mix like a bird that flaps its wing spreading air randomly in all directions.

I see this as a male fragrance, the boozy leather and honey should have some nostalgic touches from the great era of power house fragrances with reasonable sillage but with a jasmine that is debonair and formal.

I see this as a niche scent, designed to suit the great Persian empires of the past. The marketing would be done in the Persian language style to keep it in touch with the alphabetic Middle Eastern touch and the images for this scent should be natural- showcasing the exotic and wild kingdoms that it aspires to replicate. I see this mainly as a mysterious formal scent and so the imagery would be arcane, whisper like, by imitating the most comforting natural imagery that juxtapositions growth amongst decay, just like the Persian Empire of the past would have experienced.

Supporting Material/Imagery

(see attached)

Figure A: How the jasmine should feel when sniffing the scent.

(see attached)

Figure B, the texture and feel of the honey in the scent.

Submitted by Aerandir4

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    • Redneck Perfumisto | 11th January 2010 02:16

      I think masculine jasmines are needed, and not shy ones that hide the jasmine. This one has multiple aspects that say "no" to fake jasmine masculines. Sweetness works for me, but even better as honey than as than the common candy notes that prevail now. The sweetness in this reminds me of some fragrances I like (but won't mention since they are extremely popular and thus anathema on Basenotes). But most of all the leather - THAT can be used to make this both masuline and sexy. AND - the "boozy" leather quality - I love that quality in jasmine. And that boozy edge is very popular now in a lot of higher-end frags that get respect. So, bottom line, this one is FBW for me as a blind buy.

    • Aerandir4 | 14th January 2010 11:28

      I agree redneck with your view on the 'The Enchanted Forest' page that a touch of personal guile from the perfumers is what sometimes makes a scent special. I don't think I have seen a leathery jasmine before so I'm quite excited as to were this scent could go given some professional direction, especially if it could be done with my suggestion of the nostalgic hints from the era of powerhouse fragrances-just to give that leathery-jasmine mix that special boozy-slightly animalic honey touch. thank you for taking the time to note some opinions down.

    • Sarahsaurus | 18th January 2010 13:47

      This sounds divine! Male scent or not, I would wear it with pride.