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Jonquille honey


08th January, 2000

Honey is a unique substance. Thousands of tiny living creatures spent their entire lifetimes to produce bit by bit the most sweet and aromatic natural substance in the world. So honey is extremely precious. Especially,when it comes from precious flowers. Narcissus jonquilla is an astonishing flower. It’s structure is very special.Two elements joined together in quite an ingenious way:a crown and a cup. And this is probably what each such a flower would be boasting with, if it was a living person “look how special I am, none of you has such a well engineered flower as I have”. But the smell that jonquille emits is even more astonishing. When one just without any particular knowledge about the flower itself smells its’ scent, one directly exclaims “Yellow!”. And that’s what jonquille is indeed. In the wild grounds of mediterranean Europe which are abundantly caressed by the sun, where the air during the summertime is so hot that it almost becomes plasmatic, semi liquid like honey, there are some small ,bright yellow spots which emit irresistible, almost narcotic fragrance which together with the hot air turns the whole atmosphere in to a sweet ,bright yellow paradise.

The whole idea is to create the ultimate summer fragrance for women. The major theme is jonquille-sweet,yellow and sunny. Kind of smell that is almost sedating but not overpowering . Sweet like the finest honey, but not cloying like syrup. Also pure and natural like the three elements flower, honey and sun.

The ground note, the very element that should give this texture this semi-liquid, creamy texture may be the white santal wood - the most smooth and creamy santal one could ever get, should this be. To make it somewhat extra creamy a tiny pinch of coconut could do the whole trick just right adding this exotic note. The middle note is of course jonquille. The top note(because every story has to start somewhere) could be something that is also yellow but maybe more with an orange tint or more green like a hint of melon or a hint of a red mandarine zest but not the whole citrus army because it would cut through the whole sweetness of the previous ingredients and derange the whole creamy experience. Another yellow thing that just might come to mind is banana-but NO! Banana tends to send it all up the fruity-sharp ester street while we want to cruise smoothly through the narciss-honey terpenic avenue. And as a little intriguing element maybe some cinnamon bark could be used just to get a bit of a twist going on.(but still more elements are welcome as long as the whole thing radiates warmth and smoothness)Still as little and as simple possible elements should be used because that’s how it is in nature “all the complex things are not necessary, all the necessary things are simple”.

It should be one of those fragrances which on a hot sunny day ,unwillingly spot on a passing by girl who carries a basket full of fresh cut jonquilles. You return to her to ask her about her magical cargo, but it turns to be a jar of fresh honey she was carrying from the apiary. And this smell enchants you and makes you forget about all your trouble and makes the sun seem to shine with hot, yellow streams of narciss flowers.

Submitted by olfactorium

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      • Sarahsaurus | 18th January 2010 13:26

        I can smell this in my mind, and it looks like these beautiful chips of amber I use to make jewellery. I would wear this in a HEARTBEAT, no questions. I agree that the fruity, citrusy elements should be kept to a bare minimum if not avoided at all because it would mainstream the fragrance out of memorability. Perhaps a touch of tonka bean for depth?