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08th January, 2000

The red-gold sunlight of the October afternoon was fading as we two made our way to the high dome of rock. She said she wanted to photograph the full moon and I being fascinated by the thought of her in the moonlight could not protest. We climbed higher the tannin smell of fall leaves with moist earth and the incense of the redwoods gave calming energy as we sat on the dome and huddled close in the increasing coolness of evening. Her hair, her body, her lovely lips all so irresistible. The faint smell of morning perfume still lingering on her skin, a subtle mix of tangerine, jasmine, green tea and orange blossom. The slight aroma of sweet wine on her breath. My bay rum cologne enveloping her as we kissed and lay close. And as hours passed the unspoken language of our bodies warmed us with an inner glow as high over Yosemite the intoxicating moonlight shone down.

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      • dareka | 9th January 2010 10:53

        I really enjoyed reading this: just enough detail to give my imagination room to breathe. I think this could make a memorable scent.

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 17th January 2010 03:50

        Me too - great story. I do love such places, and your description does them justice. An unforgettable moment, and it deserves a fragrance to match. It could be a really great smell. Neil Morris Red Sky was able to get that "up in the mountains" thing for me, so I know it can be done. Add the redwoods, and the woman's perfume, and the cool of night.... Nice. :coolold: