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thumbelina's brief


08th January, 2000

Look down at your tanned knees, one is skinned, the other green from skidding in the grass. the rope swing in your hands is warm and fragrant from sweat and sun, and the smell of dank green shadows mixes with sweet decay from the river banks. this scent is unisex. it conjures the easy courage of a day of playing at the creek with childhood friends, and the population's point of access could be that pocket of fragrant air that develops in the neck of a cola bottle, right before you take that first swig. and maybe just a subliminal whiff of citronella.

the ad could be simply amateur footage of kids at play, with edgy americana music, and someone reciting:

"time. time. elusive, fleeting time. do what you love. "

then a shot from above, with the kids star-gazing in a field.

the bottle should be a simple apothecary bell jar, with a tin lid, and a manilla label with a typewriter font: fin.

as in huckleberry, but don't tell anyone else that part. it's texture would be ubelieveably worn and sun-bleached madrass cotton, worn over a joyful sunburn.

Submitted by thumbelina

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      • Redneck Perfumisto | 17th January 2010 03:39

        The reason I'm drawn to this brief is very simple - I was one of those kids who grew up playing in a creek, so all this stuff really speaks to me. I like the bottle concept, too - not a surprise that I'm irresistably drawn to C.O. Bigelow's storefront and all their "old" bottles and whatnot. I would really love to smell a fragrance that could - by virtue of both the thoughtfulness of the marketing and the magic of the perfumer - bring back those memories.

      • JDBIII | 30th January 2010 20:27

        I love this and want a bottle immediately. It sounds like so many of the moments I rushed to the minute school was out. If the professionals can capture the wonder of childhood and make it less fleeting it will truly be a work of art.