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Inspired by Romance in Venice


08th January, 2000

This fragrance is inspired by romance in Venice. The key notes would be Iris; Orchid (subtler than the Iris); slightly powdery Vanilla; Champagne; and a Venice Sea note. Italian Opera comes to mind when I think of this fragrance. The fragrance would be unisex. If I were to create an ad for this fragrance, I'd show a man and woman floating down Venice on a gondola, laughing and drinking champagne.

Here are my proposed notes for the fragrance, which the perfumers can subtract from or add to at their own leisure:




subtle Jasmine

A hint of Verbena



Gondola Wood


subtle Labdanum

slightly powdery Vanilla


Venice Sea note

Submitted by yepyep

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    • MysteryBuff40 | 15th January 2010 03:35

      Very evocative! From the name "Romance in Venice" and your description, this strikes me as a predominantly female scent, not unisex. There just aren't enough good "gondola wood" fragrances on the market.

    • yepyep | 15th January 2010 08:25

      Thanks! I think if done right, it could be unisex, but you're right, it does sound predominantly feminine. Gondolas are made out of a lot of different woods, I didn't want to list them all.

    • yepyep | 22nd January 2010 03:04

      Thank you very much! I was inspired by the history of Venice, and Italy in general, and the long history of romantic escapades therein.

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 22nd January 2010 04:57

      This reminded me of my visit to Venice with my wife. Very romantic place, for sure. The idea of gondola wood is intriguing - a mixture of woods and other scents which might evoke a well-worn boat on the canals - I can picture it in my mind's eye and smell-o-vision right now. It really is a fascinating idea. :thumbsup:

    • yepyep | 22nd January 2010 05:49

      Thank you Redneck Perfumisto!