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John-Paul's brief


08th January, 2000

I'd love to have a men's fragrance that smelled as refreshing as being at the ocean.

Somewhere things went horribly wrong and marine fragrances came to mean fruity and sweet. (I'm talking to you Cool Water and Acqua di Gio.)

Having lived near the ocean for years, I'm looking for a scent that captures the fresh sea air, tangy salt, the warmth of golden sunlight on skin and sand, and wood smoke from beach fires in the evening.

It would be a fragrance that's both invigorating and calming.

Submitted by John-Paul

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      • MetroModern | 20th January 2010 19:02

        I cannot agree more with your suggestion nor can I admire your sense of taste (or should I say smell). I would not be surprised if there were an example of this available for purchase, however finding this example would probably require personal visits to a few perfumeries throughout europe (most likely spain I would think). I would imagine because this idea of wanting to capture the experience and smell of the ocean in a fragrance is not a new one, this fragrance is out there just not widely known about. Also the cost of capturing this as you probably know would be expensive and tedious. I personaly would be willing to spend 3-500 dollars for a bottle of fragrance that fully and wholly captured the beauty of the ocean.....but the fragrance would have to be nothing short of INCREDIBLE smelling and last a long time.