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A Touch Of Fate for Men by Fred Miller


08th January, 2000


Top - Amber, Leather

Mid - White Amber, Olive Blossom

Base - Frankincense, Patchouli, White Musk

Ideal For: Fall, Winter, Evening

This fragrance, I wanted to create a fragrance with LEATHER in it. This has been a thought of mine since 2008. When I decided too create this fragrance, I knew I wanted it to be very masculine so I chose a lot of popular notes in colognes. The OLIVE BLOSSOM isn't very popular in colognes and perfumes so I chose this to see how I could integrate it into a cologne. I wouldn't classify this scent as "sexy", maybe "romantic." I chose AMBER & LEATHER as top notes because they are used a lot as base notes and i wanted to be different. The heart of A Touch Of Fate is compiled of WHITE AMBER and OLIVE BLOSSOM. The OLIVE BLOSSOM I chose because I searched the database and not very many perfumes had it as a note. It smells slightly minty, but I have never smelled olives but if this is how they smell, they smell great! FRANKINCENSE, PATCHOULI, & WHITE MUSK were chosen as a the base of the fragrance. I chose FRANKINCENSE because it is widely popular in fragrances, and because I like the aroma. It smells a little musky to me. PATCHOULI, popular in many fragrances as well. With this , when combined with the FRANKINCENSE and WHITE MUSK, it blended well. The LEATHER gives it a "out of the shower" smell that I find pleasing, like clean skin!

Submitted by LilKCCeleb

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      • dareka | 9th January 2010 10:31

        I like the sound of this one. Most of the ingredients are quite familiar, so I guess the challenge would be to put a novel twist on them, in order to avoid the product smelling like every sad, predictable masculine in our shops.

      • hmedlock | 21st January 2010 02:20

        I agree with dareka. You've chosen excellent notes. I have not smelled a fragrance with leather accord that I have liked yet. You posed a very interesting challenge for what may turn out to be a nicely done, spot on fragrance that finally does the leather justice, especially if amber is a top note rather than a base.