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08th January, 2000

The mood of rural Scottish and Irish countrysides and islands. Peaty moors, glassy lochs, moody skies with salty ocean air, native trees.

The rich, smoky flavor of Scotch, deep with peat and earth.

Small stone built churches with Druid priests burning herbals incense, wisps of smoke dancing from chimneys, small wildflowers scattered on hills.

Dusty stables filled with scents of hay, earth rich with minerals, and oiled leather are close.

Worn leather saddles, weathered wooden tools, steam coming from horses, crushed grasses and mosses underfoot.

Smells coming from a kitchen such as Tayberries, Tea, Vanilla, and Honey.

Submitted by jrd4t

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      • LiveJazz | 19th January 2010 17:34

        Sounds enchanting. One of my favorite smells is old stones in a wet, vegetal environment. Mmmmm. I would probably appreciate it more with the vanilla and honey left out, unless used in extreme moderation. Overall, definitely :thumbup: