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Pas des Deux


08th January, 2000

A lot of sweet memories come from my childhood, when I was at ballet school in my pink ballet dress.

The feelings I had and dreams and hopes as a child are still an inspiration to me in the present. Dreaming I became a Primaballerina, and travel all around the world and become famous! I believe that a scent is and should be an emotion, a reminiscent of the past, in a blink of an eye…, a scent has to give some kind of comfort, recognizability, confidence and subconscious will it tickle your spirit. A scent can bring you back to your own true‐self and can help you make the day a good day, in whatever you want to achieve on that day..!

Here keywords etc that subscribe my ideas and thoughts;

  • dressing room: old but beautiful, full of history, pictures of ballerina’s ‐

  • powdery pink clothes that gave that ‘pretty feeling’ ‐

  • a smell that was combined with an innocent smell in the ballet class and the magnesium you had to put on your ballet shoes. ‐

  • Dancing is great for your imagination, often you had to make up a storyline and use your fantasy with it. ‐

  • The ballet teacher was a classy lady, pretty face, old but very stylish, she wore a lot of make‐up, like she would go on stage in a minute.

  • The black shiny piano was impressive, there was a real pianist that played the piano while the girls were dancing. On the piano were candles…

  • The music was of course amazing, it took you to another world, a world were everything is possible! You could be anyone you would wanna be in that dance and dream.

  • During performing it was magical, the dress, the make‐up etc.

  • Dreams

  • Fantasy

  • Feminine

  • Hope

  • Innocent

  • Romantic feelings

  • ‘being someone else in the dance’

  • strength

  • confidence

  • matt, powdery pink ballet clothes and the old used leather ballet shoes, so pretty…and I can still smell it! ‐

  • Green and salty environment because the ballet house was located near the beach but there were still a lot of green trees around the house, in the summertime the windows would be open and you could feel and smell the outside.

I hope that this will inspire you to create a lovely scent that will be loved by many women around the world. So that they maybe feel what I feel in this story, and that it will bring them back to their own dreams and thoughts of and for their dreams and goals in the future!

Submitted by M Pronk

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