Finding discontinued fragrances

12th August, 2001

Sometimes our favourite fragrances become discontinued or just plain hard to find. Here is some useful advice.

How can I find rare fragrances and perfumes?

Here are a few tips on finding that rare fragrance. Remember that if a fragrance is discontinued that there is the possibilty that you may never find another bottle. There are loads of other fragrances out there, Basenotes are sure you can find another one you like! Here go the tips..

  • Check out the list of Discontinued Fragrances on the Basenotes website. If it's not made anymore, then you are going to have to try that little bit harder to find it.

  • Get in touch with the fragrance manufacturer. They can tell you if it is still manufactured in your country and where it may be obtained. Often a fragrance discontinued in one country, is widely available in another.

  • Check out every Perfume Shop, Department Store, Chemist, Beauty Shop, Discount Stores and anywhere that has a slim possibility of carrying your cologne. Make it a number one priority when you visit a new town. Also check out the Duty-Free at airports.

  • Check out eBay and other internet auction sites. You can find many rare beasts on eBay, but be prepared to pay over the odds if it's highly sought after. If the fragrance has been discontinued for many years, be aware that the fragrance may have grown weaker or changed totally

  • The following websites carry rare fragrances Chic & Cheap (USA), Direct Cosmetics (UK), Perfume Network (USA), The Fragrance Factory (USA), Enchante Perfumes (Canada). Basenotes isn't affiliated with these websites and cannot make any guarantees about them. but we have heard good things about all of them. If you have a perfume shop or website specialising in rare scents drop us an e-mail.

If you have any fragrances you would like to find, visit the 'Message board' and post as many details as possible (including Name, Fragrance house, description or pictures if possible) Remember to check back to see if anyone has found your missing fragrances.

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About the author: Grant Osborne

Grant Osborne is the founder and editor of Basenotes. Grant has two children, and a dependence on tea, haribo and bacon.


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