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Fragrance Brief #2 (Inside) by Ruggles


08th January, 2000

Gender: Male Family: Modern Leather Chypre

This men’s fragrance is a riff on Bernard Chant’s Aramis – but given a Tom Ford-style, Youth Dew Amber Nude-style facelift. Less powdery than the original, the leather is now a soft suede, the herbs are less macho, the clary sage, clove and myrtle have been toned way, way down; due to its scarcity, the sandalwood is gone, and as a result the patchouli is very prominent. It should be at the high-end of the designer price point, aspiring to be niche, but not quite.

The target audience is a sophisticated young gent, age 25 – 30. He has just purchased his first tux and heard about this new, serious, but cool fragrance. Like something his dad, who he really admires, wore in the 70s.

It has a vaguely sexy name, like Inside; the texture is soft corduroy. The song playing in the commercial is How Soon is Now by The Smiths. Things are changing very fast for this charming young man.

Submitted by Ruggles

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    • Asha | 11th January 2010 01:05

      Another yummy-sounding modern leather frag. I am imagining if Bernard Chant made something inspired by Dior Homme EDT.

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 11th January 2010 02:02

      All I needed were the words "Tom Ford". I think he did the gent thing quite nicely with Grey Vetiver, but this is more overtly youthful - an excellent idea. The basic For Men compromised on sportiness too much, and Extreme was, well..... not what you're talking about.

      But the name is genius, IMO. Luxe / Class / Gent / Sex / ???. You can take the marketing anywhere and everywhere at the same time. It even works for me as a "Basenotes" fragrance name. I sort of recoiled at first, but with subtlety (the naked model HAS to go, I'm afraid... :wink:), I think you could make this "brief" (cough) work very nicely. Again, FBW if chosen and done even reasonably.

      What excites me is the possiblity of your patchouli love helping bring that back into the mainstream gentleman's high-desirability fragrance space. I want to wear a modern version of my vintage Givenchy Gentleman into the elevator at work and have people ask me who I'm going to see - not give me that "dirty ex-hippie/old man cologne" look (extraordinary vintage is not appreciated in this region of space-time, sadly). A leather chypre plus patchouli that takes Gucci by Gucci PH (market-wise) - that woody too-weak sport chypre-oid and somehow manages to turn that into what that could have been, while adding patch and not losing the upscale and modern aspects? I love it. :thumbup:

    • Kevin Guyer | 16th January 2010 23:18

      The thin young man may look a bit too male model perfect, but I find his slightly Egon Schiele-like pose captures a softness that is lost in the transition from youth to adulthood.

      Thanks for the Bernard Chant and Givenchy Gentleman references Asha and RP, they are exactly where I was going with this one.