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08th January, 2000

Have you ever experienced a transcendent moment, an indescribable and fleeting moment where you suddenly felt as though your body and spirit melded with the Universe? It could have been during sex, listening to music, watching a film, sipping a great wine or perhaps during something just as simple as a slow late afternoon walk in autumn. In effect, it could be said that during one of those events you completely and utterly lost yourself in the moment.

Moments such as those can be rare but when they occur they are sublime. Who wouldn't want more of those moments in their life?

The fragrance I have in mind should be constructed by a very capable perfumer, one who can take words and apply them in such a way as to manipulate fragrances into expressing them. It can only be made by a talent capable of creating an olfactory vehicle to help us reach transcendent moments.


The opening notes of this fragrance should be arresting but not loud, intriguing yet not brash, with just enough sillage present to allow the wearer and those close to take note, but all the while introducing and weaving for the wearer a delicious promise of things to come.

Middle notes should seamlessly continue developing the theme of bewitching and beguiling the wearer and now actively seek to include the noses of those fortunate enough to be close. More open as it develops, and with a sillage that seems to seek boundaries ever further from the wearer's skin, the fragrance should both capture and captivate nearby souls without effort.

The basenotes should slowly descend a rich and sumptuous stairway and at last settle into the level where the radiant aura of warmth and of feelings of desires attained can be enjoyed and savored. It should include a faint reflection of the path of the fragrance itself and include gentle reminders of the transcendent moments it afforded the wearer all along the way. Longevity should be at least six hours.

The bottle/box must be unique in design and convey a sense of the fragrance itself. And perhaps as a final name "Enchanted" .

For the wearing experience this fragrance will offer the retail price may end up in the niche category of cost, but the price should not be outrageous

Submitted by kbe

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