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Brief by yepyep


08th January, 2000

The first fragrance with rum and cola in it, to my knowledge. It would be somewhat peachy, but in a masculine way, with a black background note. Smooth Cedar, Rum and Cola, and subtle Pimento Berry, these would be some of the key notes of this fragrance. This cologne was inspired by a Hollywood icon, a cool charmer in a pair of dark shades. This cologne would be worn by men.

Here are some notes to play around with, notes can be subtracted or added at the perfumer's leisure:



Very Subtle Peach

Subtle Patchouli




Subtle Cardamom

Smooth Cedar







Subtle Pimento Berry

Submitted by yepyep

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      • Asha | 10th January 2010 23:08

        Sounds like vintage Tabu, lol :)

        Joking aside, a quality fragrance, inspired by the long-gone vintage (but updated for today's tastes) could be marvelous.

      • yepyep | 11th January 2010 01:16

        Thanks Asha! I love vintage fragrances.

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 11th January 2010 01:25

        I am EXTREMELY curious which Hollywood icon you were thinking of! I have my ideas, but if it's anybody in particular, would love to know.....:coolold:

      • yepyep | 11th January 2010 02:12

        It must always remain secret, but he's been charming audiences for decades, he defines cool, and his shades are dark, dark black.

      • yepyep | 22nd January 2010 14:30

        I think that if an untitled brief wins, it should be given a name either by a collective effort by Basenotes members or the perfumers who are working on it, or both, what do you guys think?

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 23rd January 2010 01:01

        I was wondering about this. In some cases, there is a name, and maybe it's good or essential, but maybe it's not, or there is a conflict. In other cases, there is no name already. I don't know what will happen, but perhaps a collective naming would be a fun and desirable thing. I can certainly see it. Ultimately, I think that's Grant & Dani's call, but it could be a lot of fun for most members. Commenting on the briefs has not been a huge draw of interest yet - and perhaps that's not a bad thing, since it frees the powers that be to do what they think is right, and not what might seem to be popular. But I agree - community involvement of any kind is great, because that "crowd" aspect is getting a lot of attention for the site - very good for Basenotes.