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Her Purse


08th January, 2000

Her Purse, her favorite purse—it was love at first sight. One of her first wardrobe investments as an adult, there is every possibility she will keep it for a lifetime. Its familiar interior has assimilated her favorite fragrance notes from sampler blotters and travel-size perfumes and her berry-flavored lip gloss. That purse — it’s almost become a part of her.

Her Purse gets most of its character from leather: cade, castoreum, and/or birch tar, the balance is composed of a melange of fruit and flower notes, possibly orange blossom, jasmine, fig, or cassis.

Products to reference

VIP Room: tiare flower, bergamot, tangerine,

pineapple, sandalwood, vetiver, birch, iris root,

leather, styrax, amber, vanilla, and musk.

L’Artisan Dzing!: cade, rose, orris, jasmine,

styrax, cinnamon, black tea, benzoin, balsam,

castoreum, birch tar.

Chanel Cuir de Russie: bergamot, mandarin,

cade, spice bush, rose, balsams, ylang-ylang,

jasmine, incense.

Submitted by Quarry

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    • Asha | 11th January 2010 02:17

      Somehow, even though you mention berry lip gloss flavoring, I get an impression of spiced apple pie with the leather. It sounds stranger than it seems in my imagination :)

      Pie crust evoked by iris, soft baked apple accord, woody and balsam notes verging on both vanilla and tobacco, soft spices and lots of creamy leather.

    • Sarahsaurus | 18th January 2010 13:37

      Mmm, the comforting purse smell. I tend to find most (if not all) leather fragrances just have this 'warmth' to them that is completely contrary to the scent of a loved purse (my own, at least). If there was a 'cool' leather, not created by means of mint or ozone, that would be a refreshing change.

    • vintage*red | 24th January 2010 21:41

      Nothing smells better than a well-worn leather purse that has contained things like perfume & powder, breath mints & candy, cigarettes & a butane lighter... What a wonderful mix!

    • archmemory | 10th February 2010 17:45

      Congrats, Quarry! Can't wait to smell this!

    • musse | 11th February 2010 23:10

      Oh Quarry - big congrats, hugs, kisses! I am so excited to read that you are picked out as one of the three that I´m jumping up and down with Joy!

      Had to smile when I saw Dzing! as a reference. Remember when you were all excited about this scent (with the more proper name Wet Hamstercage), sent a sample to me, and I found it one of the most repulsive scents I had ever smelled?

      Hope there will be a prominent note of cassis in it, but I guess this "figgy" girl and I just have very different tastes when it comes to scents...

      Good luck with your parfumeur, honey-pie! :smiley:

    • Quarry | 12th February 2010 15:43

      Thanks, thanks, thanks.

      I like all the variations you envision. Spiced apple leather, coolness leather, powder/candy/mints/cigs/butane leather. Others have talked about old-fashioned lipstick leather. It all sounds good to me.

      Whatever direction the perfumer and talented reviewers shape it, I'll be content.

      I just plain old love you, musse.

    • kbe | 12th February 2010 15:55

      Quarry I fondly recall digging in my mom's purse for pennies. So long long long ago.

      Ahhh. Right now I am smelling the loose tobacco shards buried in the seams, half-open wrapped candy and packs of Sen-Sen, definite traces of several different perfumes, the supple, worn interior leather itself. Every fold, every pocket, every crease and corner held treasure...just wonderful memories. If only I could go back to right there--right there!--for a day. For an hour. For a moment even.

      I miss you mom.

      Thanks Quarry.

    • Sorcery of Scent | 12th February 2010 16:14

      I am also SO excited to see the direction this takes Quarry! :) Last Mothers Day I wrote a blog titled "Scent Profile of a Mother" which is very pertinent to this theme. I can't wait to sniff these samples.

    • Eliza | 15th March 2010 20:45

      Quarry- I just read your description of "her purse". It's coincidental that I'm putting stuff into a new purse this hour from an old one today. The new handbag is a camel skin purse from Iraq, sent by my husband . I think your description of a perfume sounds very inviting.

    • *bloomy* | 17th March 2010 06:40

      What fabulous inspiration you came up with!!! I absolutely loved that melange of breath mints and candy, cosmetics, perfume and tabacco (back when I used to smoke) that accumulated in my leather purse....I can smell it already in my mind. DIVINE!!! I SO want to sniff your creation, will newbs like me get the chance? Congrats!:coolold: