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08th January, 2000

Diana Dors switches on the television and Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ casts a flickering, milky glow across the darkened room. Her platinum hair falling over fleshy shoulders, she slips the stiletto blade back into its sheath, leans back into the overstuffed leather couch and closes her eyes… Her dream unfurls in monochrome, stark, shimmering and endlessly beautiful, as she leaves behind the clatter of crowded city streets and finds herself in a vast expanse of rich, tilled, fertile land. She smells motor oil and hedgerows, electricity and swailed fields, petrichor and polished steel.

Notes and Scent Development

SILVERWOOD is the careful balance of sharp, metropolitan modernity and comforting, aged, agrarian traditions. It conjures the smoky excitement of 21st Century cityscapes and yet harks back to an era of pastoral earthiness, pitching the organic alongside the metallic. Razor edged top notes of tungsten, ozone and bright, freshly picked tea gradually make way for rich, sticky labdanum, damp oakmoss, sweet coumarin, sour rosehips, rain-soaked broom and a distant breath of jasmine before settling into a depth-charge of mud, bark, cordite, tarmac and civet. The fragrance opens with the chime of bells, overflows with a moist bounty and then resonates with the low, deep growl of machinery and stalking predators. SILVERWOOD exudes a voluptuous warmth and smiles with a cool, steely gaze.

The Wearer

Male or female, the bold, daring lover of SILVERWOOD understands the endless contradictions of modern life. Excitable, assured, epicurean and educated, the SILVERWOOD wearer is poised but pleasure seeking, conservative but questing, libidinous and joyously liberal.

The Brand

SILVERWOOD is clearly a niche brand that revels in modern, contemporary luxury. With no heritage to rest upon, the brand takes pride in innovation and pleasure in refinement and traditionalism. SILVERWOOD is sincere – it admires its own consumers as much as it aspires to greatness. SILVERWOOD is welcoming and inclusive but recognises that it is very much an acquired taste. The brand celebrates its individuality, wearing strangeness as a badge of honour.

Submitted by A Dell

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      • Teclo | 25th January 2010 16:18

        There are severel briefs of interest here, but this is the one I would most like to see turned into a real fragrance. The reasons are simple - not only is it the most thoughtful and professional brief, betraying a real understanding of scent, but it describes an intriguing fragrance which, crucially, I would like to buy and wear. Exciting and enticing!

      • peter sherlock | 25th January 2010 20:12

        I work on a popular shopping channel as the resident fragrance expert, and this brief is the one that has enchanted me...... A Dell has created a wonderfully rich concept and I can already smell this fragrance. Teclo posted "intriguing, exciting and enticing"...... these are indeed the adjectives I would use to describe the brief... and if I may be bold, I would like to add "bold, innovative and luxuriant".

        A Dell shows an astonishing knowledge of ingredients - one that puts my knowledge to shame - if he/she wants a job on Bid TV get in touch! I just keep re-reading the description and marvelling at the descriptive powers - A Dell you have really created a thing of wonder. I wish you luck. Warmest wishes, Peter Sherlock

      • MetroModern | 26th January 2010 03:07

        This Silverwood fragrance sounds very interesting, where can i go to purchase this product? Is this fragrance still in development or is it available now? If anyone has any more information please post it or drop me a line, I would appreciate it! I performed a search on google for this fragrance and found little or no information.