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Addiction For Men by Fred Miller


01st January, 2010


Top - Coconut, Grapefruit, Vanilla Bean

Mid - White Amber

Base - Musk, Patchouli, Bay Rum

Ideal For: Spring, Summer, & Fall (But could be worn all year)

Addiction For Men (The Fragrance)

When I smell Addiction for men, I think of a liqueur, island type drink because of the BAY RUM in the base. With that said, you can detect the GRAPEFRUIT in the top, but it's not over-powering to where you will smell like a big sour grapefruit all day. I felt that the COCONUT had a island feel to it and that it would mix well with the GRAPEFRUIT, which could somewhat be island-like as well, to which they blended perfectly together. The VANILLA BEAN balances the GRAPEFRUIT & COCONUT so its tolerable to ones nose. The heart of Addiction is WHITE AMBER. This was chosen because it is slightly sweet and I presumed that it would help with the COCONUT & VANILLA BEAN in the top of the fragrance. In the basenotes of the fragrance I chose MUSK in a small percentage because I wanted Addiction to have a little longevity to it. Although the musk is not very detectable, but that's the way I wanted it. The PATCHOULI takes it role very well in Addiction. You can detect that it is there but you can smell the BAY RUM as well. So if one would have to call it a new fragrance of the two, Bay Rum Patchouli would be appropriate.

The Ads:

The Bottle Half Buried In The Sand On The Bank Of The Island -OR- People On A Island Having A Party, Smiling & Hugged In A Playful Position -OR- In A Coconut Tree With The Bottles Replacing The Coconuts. The voiceover would be like the Armani commercials.

Submitted by LilKCCeleb

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