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Addiction for Women by Fred Miller


01st January, 2010


Top - [COLOR=#800080]Bubble Gum, Red Apple, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Coconut

Mid - White Amber, Honeysuckle

Base - Musk, Patchouli, Bay Rum

Ideal For: Spring, Summer

Addiction for Women (The Fragrance)

Addiction for Women smells like a sweet island drink. The sweetness comes from its BUBBLE GUM, RED APPLE, & PINEAPPLE notes. GRAPEFRUIT is noticeable but it's kind of shadowed by the COCONUT note. It follows in the footsteps of its male version, Addiction for Men. Still island-like and boozy but not a full fledged liquor scent, maybe more like a sweet margarita. This version is much sweeter than the male version because of the sweet notes added with another semi-sweet note, WHITE AMBER, to give it more sweetness. It's not a candy type of sweet because the HONEYSUCKLE adds balance to the fragrance. The HONEYSUCKLE, I didn't want it to become so dominant in the fragrance so it's there for freshness in the heart of the fragrance. The base of Addiction for Women shares the same notes of the male version. I decided to keep it that way so that the fragrances would be related, and people could tell & notice that they are related. The MUSK was once again added for longevity. The PATCHOULI and BAY RUM are there to cover the MUSK. The BAY RUM gives Addiction for Women it's island, boozy sensation.

The Ad:

A woman sitting in a beach chair in the sand, with a large hat on, photographed from behind or profile, with the sun rays beaming toward her.

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