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LoveStoned by Fred Miller


01st January, 2010



Top - Lilac, African Violet, Gardenia, Honeysuckle

Mid - Peach, Hawaiian White Ginger, White Musk

Base - Patchouli, Amber, White Amber

The inspiration for LoveStoned came from Justin Timberlake's Love Stoned song, and Victoria's Secret Love Spell fragrance. When I think of "Love" the first thing that comes to mind is "Sweet" and the colors Red & Pink. When I selected the top notes, I thought of "What would make this a sweet scented fragrance?" The LILAC was chosen for its clean, fresh scent, AFRICAN VIOLET because it has a soft sweetness. The GARDENIA added to the soft sweetness of the AFRICAN VIOLET and the HONEYSUCKLE for its freshness and light sweet scent. So when I selected the Top notes, I knew that it would turn out to be a sweet fragrance for women. I added a very small amount (around 1-2 %) of PEACH because of its strength. I chose HAWAIIAN WHITE GINGER because of the freshness it possesses & I wanted LoveStoned to become a "Sweet-Floral" scent. WHITE MUSK is included for its characteristics of its scent because if has a slightly "Fresh" non musky smell and for longevity. PATCHOULI is in the base of LoveStoned. I decided to go with PATCHOULI (around 1-2 %) in a womens fragrance because there are not many perfumes with PATCHOULI. The last of the base are AMBER and WHITE AMBER. Overall of all these notes, LoveStoned is a sweet perfume where slight hints of the florals can be picked up - but they don't really want to be noticed to some noses.

The Ad:

I would think of LoveStoned as a limited edition fragrance. Love=Happy so a happy woman smiling is something that can be easily translated. When we see people smile, we generally think they are happy/joyed for some reason.

Submitted by LilKCCeleb

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      • lilkcceleb | 8th February 2010 00:05

        Thank You. I Think It Falls Directly In Line With The Escada Fragrances Like Sexy Graffiti. :laugh: