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Epiphany by Fred Miller for Women


01st January, 2010

Top - Peach, Gardenia, White Rose

Mid - Grapefruit, Hawaiian White Ginger

Base - Vanilla Bean

Fresh. Fruity. Sweet. Clean. All these words can be used (along with others) to describe Epiphany. The freshness starts with WHITE ROSE, then a slightly noticeable GARDENIA flower takes it place to invite the nose into the sweetness, which is fully with a small amount (1-3%) of PEACH. The PEACH note is was a great addition to Epiphany. Along with the sweetness, the freshness of the HAWAIIAN WHITE GINGER flower makes it appearance, which balances out the citrusy note, GRAPEFRUIT. The tangy GRAPEFRUIT sticks around for a while before Epiphany goes into it's final stage, when delivers VANILLA BEAN.

Epiphany was named by a friend of mine. When I conducted this scent, it was as a test and I asked her to help me find a name. After hours of smelling it, she said Epiphany. I love that name because when she named it, I realized how much my work was appreciated by others and how far my talents and the level of my talents could take me. I think the grapefruit had a lot to do with it also because its something refreshing.

I haven't thought of any ad campaigns for Epiphany yet.

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    • lilkcceleb | 19th January 2010 23:27

      ***I Think I Was In A Rush When I Was Trying To Describe This Brief - SORRY***

    • bookwyrmsmith | 21st January 2010 05:55

      sounds wonderful! like a tropical wedding celebration.

    • jayjupes | 7th February 2010 21:23

      i love anything evoking tropical climes without coconut!

      sounds lovely.