ScentTrunk aims to make fragrance purchases easier for men

19th August, 2014

Three students from Queen's University in Canada have launched ScentTrunk – a subscription service designed to help men in their fragrance purchases. They say: "No more department stores. No more guesswork. Get your perfect scents delivered to your door."

Based on your unique scent profile from your survey results, we custom-select 3 niche fragrances just for you. We’ll deliver samples to your door so you can try it for the month. Rate the scents we send you each month and your Scent Profile adapts. We change with you, to meet your fragrance needs.

William Yin, who founded the company alongside Alexander Lam, and Connor RoweI, told Basenotes how the idea came to him.

"I care about what I wear and how I look, so it was natural for me to want to start wearing fragrances, as it is another medium for me to express myself. However, being someone who has never worn fragrances before I was overwhelmed by the number of options available. I ended up going to the department store, where I was pressured by salespeople, it was not a fun experience. I bought a fragrance, and never wore it. You can't just quickly sample a fragrance at a department store and decide whether you like it. You need to wear it for a couple days, experience all the notes, see how others react to it etc.. I did some research and discovered that other people were having the same problem, finding interesting brands, getting variety, and finding something that fits. So, I decided to solve the problem by creating Scent Trunk. I am an engineer so I have always like technical things. The fragrance industry is an art, but why can't we incorporate technology? We built an algorithm which determines Scent Profiles, so we can combine the art with technology and revolutionize the industry!"

ScentTrunk is aimed at men. Yin says that research showed that men are more brand-loyal which we felt was very valuable. "We wanted to create a service that became a lifestyle. We wanted Scent Trunk to become a part of a man's everyday routine."

Founders: L-R William Yin, Alexander Lam, and Connor RoweI

ScentTrunk is currently only available to residents of the USA and Canada, though the company hope to expand further afield soon.

"The reaction so far has been great. We have been active for 6 weeks so far and every week our customer base has doubled. The people who have received our trunks absolutely love them. The best part is that our customers are very engaged and provide us with good feedback so we can keep improving. Obviously as a start-up we recognize there are a lot of improvements we can make, and the fact that our customers are passionate enough about our company that they want to help, is just amazing. "

"The niche fragrance companies have loved it, in fact just recently, niche brands have begun reaching out to us to join Scent Trunk, rather than us reaching out to them. They definitely think it's an interesting idea because we have created a technology which identifies a person's preferences, so we then target a fragrance for them. This increases satisfaction and sales conversions for these brands. "

Yin is also looking at increasing the team: "I personally did not have any background in fragrance, but I fell into it. I learned that it was something I loved, so I started to learn more and more, both on the art and science of it. That is how I created the technology. However, our team understands that a fragrance expert would really help the development of our business so moving forward, we are on the lookout for someone like that to join our team. "

ScentTrunk have a discount code for Basenotes Plus members, which members can view here. For a limited time, Basenotes Plus members will get 50% off their first month.

You can find out more about ScentTrunk here:

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About the author: Grant Osborne

Grant Osborne is the founder and editor of Basenotes. Grant has two children, and a dependence on tea, haribo and bacon.


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    • androidi | 26th August 2014 08:34

      If this was available to Europe, I might just subscribe, even though I'm not a man.