Niche fragrance fair - Esxence 2010 Preview

11th February, 2010

What is niche? An eternal question, hotly debated, potential answers constantly evolving. For anyone interested in this question there is one event to focus on in 2010 - Esxence in Italy's style capital, Milan. This 4 day event enjoyed an exciting and engaging first edition last year and promises to build on this success for 2010.

For those of you who have not yet heard of Esxence the show's organisers describe it thus "Esxence - The Scent of Excellence, is an international appointment that cannot be missed by any brand name which operates, with passion and conviction, in promoting the marvelous art of olfactory language. It rises ever higher in determining the fundamental style choices of every person who likes to be noticed, relying upon the search for personal taste, who seeks expression by choosing between superb creations which are not made to please everyone, but to be admired in their intrinsic beauty by those who wish to do so."

In 2009 2,500 people agreed, as this was the total number of attendees that went along to discover more about the 86 brands who had a presence at the first edition. Speakers included Ben Gorman of Byredo and charismatic olfactory enfant terrible Mark Buxton, who both added to a weekend of conversation that was marvellously eclectic and sometimes controversial.

The brands represented included classic names that are now synonymous with niche perfumery and up and coming brands that are challenging and changing the definition daily. From Creed to Floris to Humiecki & Graef to Ulrich Lang New York, it was a voyage of discovery from the moment one stepped through the door. A visual experience as much as an olfactory one, the event was executed with characteristic Italian flair, enticing one down the steps into the heart of the fair where there was no escape from the vast variety of treasures waiting to be discovered. Within the first few feet it was clear that this was no ordinary fair, fixated on margins and growth plans. I had the delight of discussing the fragrance industry with Pierre Montale, James Heeley, Ulrich Lang, Mark Buxton, Thorston Biehl... the list goes on and that is before I begin to cover the number of distributors, silent partners and other industry experts, such as the esteemed Michael Edwards, who all lent their passion and personal perspective to making Esxence 2009 a huge success.

It would not be hard to imagine then how excited we were to accept an invitation to be reporting back right from the heart of the action at Esxence 2010. Basenotes has been offered a unique opportunity to set up a media station amongst all of the extraordinary comings and goings at this year's Esxence from which we can stream up to the minute video footage, ask the questions that Basenotes' readers pose via the boards, record pod-casts live from the event and much, much more. With an incredible list of already confirmed brands and more still to be announced this will be an opportunity to be right at the heart of the discussion amongst the likes of Les Nez, Vero Profumo, Mona di Orio, Andy Tauer, Montale Parfums, Lorenzo Villoresi... Our up to the minute modern media coverage will all be in addition to the editorial coverage and glossy images that have made Basenotes an award-winning website of choice for those who are fanatical about fragrance. We look forward to taking you with us to Esxence 2010. Keep reading for future articles about the inspiration behind Esxence and the people who have their turned their vision of 'Art Perfumery' into practice.

More info at the Esxence website.

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About the author: Danielle Cooper

As well as writing Jasmine Award shortlisted articles, Danielle was previously Basenotes' Community Manager.

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    • Kevin Guyer | 11th February 2010 19:07

      What are the actual dates for this year's event? Thanks.

    • Sorcery of Scent | 11th February 2010 19:10

      Rugs, I *think* March 25-28. It usually comes before the Furniture expo in Milan which is usually the first or second week of April.

    • Grant Osborne | 11th February 2010 19:15

      Yes thats the dates. Its in the banner at the top but not in the article itself :rolleyesold:

    • Sugandaraja | 11th February 2010 20:16

      Wow! I'd love to be there. Who all is allowed to come? Is there a place for tickets...?

    • Sorcery of Scent | 11th February 2010 20:26

      AH! Right you are! I knew those dates were knocking around in my subconscious from somewhere!

    • michailG | 12th February 2010 08:24

      Extraordinary! Basenoters' paradise is calling! pronto!

    • Extrait | 12th February 2010 09:11

      We confirm the official dates are 25-28 March.

      25-26 are reserved to press

      27-28 open to the public


    • cale-Italy | 15th February 2010 11:58

      Dear Basenotes people,

      as a member of the Organising Committee I would thank Danielle and Grant to grant your community a unique skilled report on line from Milan next month.

      I hadly hope the event will give you a lot of interesting suggestions and news and I am confident you'll posted your comments and will actively support your reporters fighting in the front-line!

      Thank to all of you for your passion in the Art of Perfume!

      Silvio Levi