Scent Verse: Petrichor

02nd June, 2017

Scent Verse is a poetry project curated by Basenotes writer Eddie Bulliqi that seeks to explore scent language and metaphors by publishing poems from contributors across different industries that either take scent as their inspiration or are very evocative of smell. 

If you are interested in being involved, please send a direct message here on Basenotes.



by Oli Marlow 

I slept in my skin
And it smelled just like whiskey.
Whiskey and sleep
When I'm sleeping in her.

I awoke in a grout
Between tiles, just like mildew.

And it's dampened in here
Like the sun never burned.

I get hooked on the scent
Of her sweat, a slight cumin;

And the sweet wave expanse
In the strands of her hair.

Yet she's content in contempt
Unaware that our fusion
Has developed its senses
And become self aware.

So she slithers and shivers
Flushing cold from the vision
Seeping out of the pavement
In the rain addled air.

And there’s warmth to the concrete
That gets splattered in patches
Soaking up the plump raindrops
As if there was none left to share.


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About the author: Oli Marlow

Oli Marlow is a budding perfumer, writer, and music journalist based in London. He also owns and operates the record label Sonic Router Records.



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