Scent Verse: The Mercury

06th December, 2017

Scent Verse is a poetry project curated by Basenotes writer Eddie Bulliqi that seeks to explore scent language and metaphors by publishing poems from contributors across different industries that either take scent as their inspiration or are very evocative of smell. 

If you are interested in being involved, please send a direct message here on Basenotes.

Image credit: Underneath the skin by Matthew Pederson

The Mercury

by Charmie Chan   

Here I am
Enveloped by the echo of a dark wave 
Through the smoke of clove cigarettes
I see your face,
I bloom but immediately constrict.

Melt me in lime soda
Tracing you from the vaporized vodka
Transport me to that night with that absinthe you were just able to order.

Such a young coconut!
A green bean Darth Vader!
That’s the remedy,
To beam my desire down.

May it be true
Then my bitter almond dream of you
Would never stay
Never remain
Since that Mercury coconut day.


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About the author: Charmie Chan

Charmie is a Chinese perfumer who grows in the developing and promising Chinese fragrance industry. She likes experimenting with how olfaction works with the other human senses. Music has been one of her muses. Recently she has been focused on working with musicians and event planners to design atmospheric fragrance for houses, bars, and hotels.


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    • Redneck Perfumisto | 12th December 2017 04:55

      Thanks for those! Very fond of the first two - perhaps from the way they make me recall my younger days. *happy*

    • Charmie Chan | 15th December 2017 13:52

      Thanks ;) You may like to visit The Mercury night club some day, it's in Seattle.