Scent Verse: Cigar Bloom

06th June, 2018

Scent Verse is a poetry project curated by Basenotes writer Eddie Bulliqi that seeks to explore scent language and metaphors by publishing poems from contributors across different industries that either take scent as their inspiration or are very evocative of smell. 

If you are interested in being involved, please send a direct message here on Basenotes.

Cigar Bloom 

by Malena Cejas

She was here all the time, waiting asleep to bloom, 
the silent shadow of the mountain protected the dream. 

The autumn passed and winter came, 
she forgot her modesty and showed her being, 
an explosion of aromas that reminisce far memories. 

Life showed up naked without guilt, 
and the petals of the cigar bloom let the song of nights flow.

Sweet honey, Amber and jasmine. Vanilla and tobacco. 
Home in the Caribbean with your mind wandering in cold weathers. 
Somehow sweet yet full of character, deceptive modesty.

The sea remained calm and the corals had no nights, 
only flashes of moons in the dark water.

The lust of the skin fed the winds, she was still there, 
silent and grand with the wisdom of her essence, 
you belong to her devilish innocence. 

You were here all the time, waiting awake for her to bloom, 
and as she did, the cheerful song of the Colonial City awoke the dream. 


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About the author: Malena Cejas

Malena Cejas has over 20 years of experience in the development of products and spaces. Her love for design, fine arts and nature finally found their common place in the craft of perfumery, founding in 2014 together with her partner Pilar Zarazua-Sanchez, Dominican Perfumes, a brand dedicated to the creation of aromas that represent the spirit from the Caribbean. In 2016 they founded By Maria Magdalena, a brand of perfumes where art is the first protagonist. Currently she is launching a new hospitality product, where the spaces are designed for people to travel and connect to their own beauty through all the senses. 



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    • Hazel5 | 8th June 2018 14:48

      What a lovely poem. Thank you.

    • jujy54 | 11th June 2018 02:43

      Breathtaking. The smell of a cigar is a touchstone for me.

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 11th June 2018 16:20

      Love it!

      I used to love smoking, and a good cigar was a wonderful thing. This poem brought it all back - and much more!