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30th September, 2010

Pamplemousse, from the forums, is looking for a suitable scent for his daughter's forthcoming 13th birthday...She is a) not going to be smelling like a girl beyond her years, and b) wearing anything her mother will disapprove of. I should say that her mum has happily worn Chanel No 5 herself, but still, I am looking to earn brownie points here.

Originally, I thought I'd just pass on some samplers I'd tried, like Carnal Flower, 24 Faubourg, Kelly Caleche, so she could try a few different smells. But it's since occurred to me she might benefit from being a little older before trying some of those.

I'm now thinking Miss Dior Cherie, for example.

Simple. Uncomplicated. Chaste.

I'm not so much looking for a load of different ideas, rather just some reassurance that this would be a good first scent to make her feel sufficiently grown-up and sophisticated (she is mature and independent for her age) on her thirteenth birthday.

What would you suggest?

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