Man Almost Blinded by Beleaf

18th October, 2005

OSAKA, JAPAN - A trip to the Body Shop proved near fatal for one American man on Tuesday when a bottle of their “Beleaf” fragrance sprayed sideways into the right eye of Marlen Harrison, an American who claims to be a university professor. Harrison, a self-described fragrance addict whose sole purpose for entering The Body Shop was to “get a quick fix before heading uptown to Hermes for some designer shit” was caught by surprise when after depressing the sprayer on the small green bottle, was hit in the pupil by a renegade stream of alcohol-based eau de toilette. “The pain was immediate and shocking,” said Harrison, “I mean, after all these years of doing this - and I’ve done it everywhere – I couldn’t believe I had actually gotten hit. Still, I took it like a man.” Eye witnesses said that Harrison put his hand over his eye and began to cry. “He put the bottle back on the shelf saying words I couldn’t understand, and then began to jump around,” reported Kaori Wakai, Body Shop employee, “I guess he was in pain. His friend was laughing at him. He said a word I cannot repeat and then ran out of the store.”

Harrison was seen running through the shopping arcade screaming obscenities before entering the restroom. One eye witness said that she saw him enter the lady’s restroom first, “I guess he made a mistake. He was only in there for a moment before walking back out and going into the men’s room.” Harrison vehemently denies this.

The experience became more traumatic as moments passed. While at the sink in the restroom, Harrison was unable to turn on the faucet, “I kept waving my hands underneath the damn thing hoping for some cold water, but nothing. Then I pounded on it. You know, my eye was really hurting and I could only see out of my left eye. I wasn’t thinking properly. I mean, most faucets in Japan are motion-activated!” Masaki Matsushima of Kyoto was in the restroom at the time and had this to say, “This crazy gaijin kept pounding on the tap and yelling. Of course I was frightened! I could see he wasn’t very intelligent and needed help. He was probably American. I risked my life by walking over to the sink and pointing to the faucet knob. He didn’t even say thank you.” Harrison then proceeded to place his head under the faucet, only to be met by hot water. “The pain was unbearable,” remarked Harrison, “I just needed a little cold water to flush the bergamot, fig and musk out of my eye.”

Innocent bystanders were given a shock at the sight of Harrison emerging from the restroom. “It was like a monster,” offered a witness who wished to remain anonymous, “I mean it was hideous. It had water all over its bald head and one eye was red and larger than the other. I grabbed my little girl and told her to run!” Harrison explained that there were no paper towels available in the restroom, “So there I am, with one eye inflamed and red, tears streaming down my face – I wasn’t crying, it was just…automatic – and my face and head all wet from being under the faucet. I was mortified. Scarred for life.” Harrison declined offers of being accompanied to the local emergency room.

The perpetrator, a 50ml tester bottle of eau de toilette was unavailable to comment.

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About the author: Marlen Harrison

Dr Marlen Harrison is the perfumer/owner of King’s Palace Perfumery, as well as creator/editor of, founded in 2006. As well as Basenotes, Harrison has contributed to Fragrantica, NowSmellThis, BeautyAddictMag and The Washington Blade.


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    • Xen | 18th October 2005 13:42


      So.... did the fragrance last longer this way? ;D

    • Twolf | 18th October 2005 14:28

      The one who did not want to disclose the name was probably Keiko Mecheri....

      Are you OK, darling? Was that musky fig any good as a fragrance?

    • The-odor | 18th October 2005 16:07


      Looks like some very "eye-catching" bottle it was. ;)

      Marlen, I hope you're well now.

      On the other hand, that's probably a way to go if one finds a particular cologne dull and uneventful. Though, there a sign must be added to the text:

      "This was performed by fragrance professionals. Do not repeat it yourself.".

      Regards, Odor.

    • SSSS | 18th October 2005 17:37

      You ok now?Hope that particular fragrance would never become a part of

      your wardrobe.

    • jacona | 18th October 2005 20:22

      ;D Love this article, hysterical, charming!

    • liquid | 18th October 2005 21:20

      lol! based on a true story?

    • scenteur7 | 18th October 2005 23:08

      Absolutely based on a true story!

      The scent was "eh", but the experience was hilarious! My eye hurt for about a half an hour afterwards, but the funniest part was coming out of the restroom with water dripping down my head and my eye closed - I musta looked like popeye!

    • paintrman | 18th October 2005 23:08

      Yes, I had a head on colision with a bottle of CDG's Zagorsk. I was about to spray on my chest and hadn't noticed that I was spraying toward my face. It startled me and as often happens when startled I went "huh!" (a sharp INTAKE of breath). I coughed for almost an hour. Not quite as painful as your experiene but I can feel your pain. I have had the wonderful experience of accidentally squirting lime juice in my at a restaurant that had an "out of order" bathroom. I had to flush out my eye with iced tea!


    • paintrman | 18th October 2005 23:10

      Very funny story, by the way. You have great comic timing!


    • loungeboy | 18th October 2005 23:36

      Wow. Beauty really IS pain. Who knew? :D

      Great illustration btw....

    • CoL | 18th October 2005 23:39

      [quote=loungeboy]Great illustration btw....[/quote]

      I know! I love Grants drawings!


    • scenteur7 | 18th October 2005 23:59

      KELLEY - Washing your eye out with iced tea...I hope there wasn't any lemon it! LOL

      And 3 CHEERS to Grant for the kick-ass illustration!


    • milamber | 19th October 2005 01:50

      Wonderfully funny story, with excellent illustrations!! ;D

    • socalwoman | 19th October 2005 05:16

      Absolutely hilarious! I'm wiping tears now too, from LMAO.

    • tigrushka | 19th October 2005 05:27

      ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Hilarious! Thanks for sharing, Marls! ;) Hope your eye is back to normal again. :)

      Grant, loved the illustration! ;D


      Looks like some very "eye-catching" bottle it was. ;)[/quote]


      ;D ;D ;D

    • Mic | 19th October 2005 08:44

      ;D ;D ;D Good one, Marlen!


    • dinazad | 19th October 2005 09:13

      ;D Reading this first thing in the morning is THE way to start a day! Thank you for the laugh!

      Perfumes seem to be fighting back these days. I got attacked by a bottle of Ivoire a few months ago. It leaped at me from my bathroom cabinet, with the clear intention to kill. Fortunately it missed, but the washbasin went to pieces. Ivoire survived and has been sent into exile in Russia.

    • lagloriacubana | 19th October 2005 13:15

      Ha ha! ;D ;D

      Perfect article and illustration! Thanks! :D :D :)

    • nqt | 19th October 2005 15:03


      I "played" with the "spriting machine" once - here in Sephora they expose Hypnotise in that way. The juice is sprayed straight towards you, instead of, well, down. And I jumped back like a cat :-))) I was lucky to be fast, bc the smell is hillariously synthetic and sweet.

    • scenteur7 | 21st October 2005 00:08

      You know...that reminds me of when Fahrenheit was launched...for a while, fragrance companies were putting out these giant decanting devices on counters so people could fill their own vials of scent, hoping the interaction between customer and product would be fortuitous. I tried to decant and the thing spilled all over the counter and all over me...maybe that's whay I've never actually worn Fahrenheit?

    • teflondog | 21st October 2005 18:26

      As I was reading the story, I immediately began to think how this would make such a great scene in a movie. Perhaps a Basenotes comedy? Thanks for sharing Marlen. I feel your pain.  :D

    • scenteur7 | 21st October 2005 23:12

      [quote=teflondog]As I was reading the story, I immediately began to think how this would make such a great scene in a movie. Perhaps a Basenotes comedy? Thanks for sharing Marlen. I feel your pain. :D[/quote]

      I'm working on the pilot now! 8-)

    • M | 23rd October 2005 11:32

      Marlen, thanks for your story. It is one of the most entertaining I have read for ages!! ;D


    • moon_fish | 25th October 2005 06:19

      Oh, I DO felt like you, Marlen!

      Once I sprayed from spray mechanism attached to cK one right into my eye.

      Water and time healed my eye, but my soul was left cold to the fragrance as I hated it. Till now.

      And gave it to my ex-girlfriend in the time of interruption...

    • miss-kaori | 22nd November 2005 02:28

      It is a very funny story, :) however, the remark by Timberwolf is rather offending. :-/ I am part Japanese and to mention someone like Keiko Mecheri, who brings an interesting twist to the Japanese culture both in Japan and abroad, as though you mention a character out of a Godzilla movie or something, it looks like you paint a rather racist characture of Japanese people.

    • scenteur7 | 22nd November 2005 07:19

      Miss Kaori, I can assure you that Timberwolf was only using the name Keiko Mecheri as a joke in association with my story - she knows me well and knows if anyone would meet Ms. Mecheri, it would probably be me. Being a sensitive individual who lives in America but is not a native citizen herself, I'm sure Timberwolf meant no ill will to Japanese people. As for my story, I've lived in Japan and with Japanese people for 4 years and I as well certainly meant no offense in my (practically true) story.